Srivaths @ 20 months

I know that I haven’t done enough justice to this blog of Srivaths, where I am meant to be capturing his milestones. In the hope that I might turn a new leaf and will meticulously jot down his milestones, here is where he is at, at the end of 20 months.

– Srivaths has been trying to talk big sentences, but mumbles a lot now.
– He is very comfortable talking many of the two word sentences.
– By and large, he is able to follow most of the instructions involving multiple steps.
– He is able to recognize ‘amma’, ‘appa’, ‘anna’ and calls us using those words.
– Picture of every little child, including that of his own is ‘paapa’ for him.
– Dog is called as ‘Bog’ and his current lifetime ambition seems to drag one of that dog by its tail.
– Water is ‘vaa vaa’ and he loves to gulp that down as much as possible.
– He loves watching trains and rushes to the balcony whenever he hears the sound of one.
– 99% of the time, he alerts us before the nappy had to be replaced.
– As he heads into ‘troublesome twos’, we had to take lot of effort in getting him to eat.
– Unlike his elder brother, he fancies all sorts of junk food.
– The thing he loves most is to wake up his ‘anna’ when the elder one is found sleeping.

Words from Babble

Srivaths’ babble is slowly becoming recognizable. He clearly says ‘Appa’, ‘Maa’, ‘Thaa’ (give), ‘Thaathaa’ (grand dad) etc. He even uses the combination of words making a small sentence as in ‘Appa thaaa’. Funny thing is that, he uses ‘thaa’ for both give and take (indhaa). ‘Adda’ seems to be his version of ‘Anna’ (elder bro), but we are not quite sure yet. Apart from that, he is able to say some variation of ‘mabill’ (mobile), ‘tato’ (potato), ‘toto’ (Tomato) etc. Now, he is able to understand what we talk. When we ask him to get the TV remote / mobile / battery, which he would have normally hidden somewhere during the course of the day, he understands that and fetches it.

Messing up with the Elder Bro

Our younger brat seems to be living to the old tamil adage ‘Rendavadhu ellam Polladhu’.  Based on his mood, he dictates what he needs. If he feels good and great, he will cosy up to any one – especially to our elder one by hugging him and tailing him all the time. Elder one, being the innocent of the two will alsways warm up to Srivaths, ensure that he is cuddled and give him the required attention irrespective of what he is doing.  But the younger brat, when he is not in a receptive mood has the nerve to push Anirud away.

While we don’t want to take sides, we are making it clear to him that Anirud is his elder brother and Srivaths won’t be allowed to mess up with him in the way he does now. Of course, at 15 months he is too little to understand anything of this sort. 🙂

Milestone Update: 13 months

At the end of 13 months, here is a quick update about Srivaths:

  • The total number of tooth that Srivaths has got now is eight. Four in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw.
  •  He likes to repeat the actions of whatever the adults do. He likes to scoop from an empty bowl with a spoon and would like to feed his mom. With an imaginary razor, he also would like to shave like his dad and so on.
  • When any of the wardrobe doors are open, it doesn’t take much time for him to empty the contents. Whether it is books or clothes, it will be out in the open in seconds.
  • On food, Srivaths typically takes whatever we take. Rice, Pasta, Chapatis, Boiled Egg are his favourites. He loves pears and banana too. Apart from this, he also would like to eat bits of paper and any dirt lying around.
  • Srivaths adores his elder bro. If the elder brat is at home, he will follow him wherever he goes and keeps looking at him in awe. For some reason, he likes Anirud’s company more than anyone else.
  • “gaagaaa”, “thaathaa”, “paaappaa” etc are few of the stuff he babbles. Waiting for him to pronounce ‘appa’, ‘amma’, ‘anna’ etc.

Holiday Alarm Clock

Srivaths normally wakes up around 7 in the morning. Whether he does it on the weekdays or not, he would definitely wake up at 7 am on the weekends, which kind of forces us to be up and running. 🙁 The moment he is out of his cot, the first thing he does is to peek into Anirud’s room, crawl towards his bed, climb on that and wake up his elder bro. Guess how he does that? He gives his hair a not-so-gentle shake, taps Anirud on his face and ensures that the elder one is up. If we do any of this to Anirud, the way he will react will be difficult to write. But, when it comes to Srivaths, all he would say is “Please Srivaths.. you should not do that. You should behave well and let Anna sleep for some more time” in the most sweetest way possible. 🙂 However, Srivaths is not someone to relent that easily and will keep carrying on with his routine until Anirud is fully awake. No wonder the elder one has given him the name “Holiday Alarm Clock”.

One small leap and the world changes

One careless leap and Srivaths gets on to the coffee table. From there, the TV stand is a step away for him to explore its back. Many a times, he assaults the TV (yeah! It is an assault.. If the TV had some life, it would cry helplessly or hit back) from the ground. Excited and scared about what lies in store with this super brat.


The count is six now. I mean the number of tooth that Srivaths has got. Two in the upper jaw and the four in the lower one. Seems that many more are on the way that he always puts his fingers into his mouth and keeps rubbing his gums. At times, he loses sleep due to possible pain / irritation in the gums. A gel prescribed by the doc seems to work, if he cries incessantly in the night.


Guess what this little blighter is up to these days?

Srivaths is trying to climb on the TV stand. He has tried this unsuccessfully few times, but we do know that he was literally seconds away from victory (also a great fall like Humpty Dumpty!). I am sure he will be trying again and in one of those moments he is going to climb and claim victory. I will try to click a picture, if I get a chance. More than the picture, we are quite worried as how we are going to manage this brat in the forthcoming days. 🙂

What is Srivaths upto?

In the last few months when this blog was not updated, Srivaths started to move around a lot. He didn’t particularly take to crawling, but was lying on his tummy and moved around with ease. Also, in the recent weeks, he started standing holding on to whatever he could get his hands at – sofa, TV stand, chair and even a strand of his mom’s hair.

The way he moves around, fiddles with things and more importantly, the way we have to run around when he is awake only scares us of the days ahead of us. All this means only one thing – this blog needs to be updated frequently. It will be.

Out of the Way

When Srivaths is fed milk with a bottle, he will indicate when he had enough. After making him burp, we will get the bottle near his mouth just to check if he really had enough or if he has got the appetite to have a little more. Guess what the cheeky bugger did today. He pushed the bottle with such a force that it fell few metres away. Never did I imagine that a 3 month old could express “No” in that fashion. Think these second ones always have it in them to do it that way. Coming days and years will perhaps confirm my theory. 🙂