boss.. mottai boss

Srivaths is the latest mottai boss at our home. We had his head shaven off at the temple of our family deity – Sri Annan Perumal Kovil near Sirkazhi in Tamil Nadu.

About seven years ago, Anirud went through the process at the same place. I still remember the day when Anirud didn’t even flinch a muscle, so much so that we were wondering if he knew what was going on.

The little one on the other hand compensated for the elder’s quietness. The barber had to summon all his skills and experience to finish the task. The manner in which he cried, he would have woken up the Lord at Tirupathi, whose elder brother (Annan) reigns at Sirkazhi. Once he got away from the barber, he was at his normal self – with more pranks up his sleeve.