While Srivaths has been crawling for a while now, we are eagerly awaiting the day when he would stand and walk. At the moment, he is able to walk by holding to our hands, but is not confident to walk on his own. For the last few days, he manages to stand on his own rises from the sitting position) for 30 seconds or so.

If he starts to walk, that will solve many issues we have on hand. While the brat is crawling, his palm gets dirtier every minute despite our best efforts to keep our floor clean. Also, he has been trying unsuccessfully so far to conquer the bathroom, which if it happens will be a disaster. Another major issue is when we take him out to a restaurant or somewhere. While we have our food, Srivaths would like to stand. On those occasions, if he catches something fancy he starts crawling at the blink of an eye.

Hmmm… no wonder we are so looking forward to his first step. 🙂

What is Srivaths upto?

In the last few months when this blog was not updated, Srivaths started to move around a lot. He didn’t particularly take to crawling, but was lying on his tummy and moved around with ease. Also, in the recent weeks, he started standing holding on to whatever he could get his hands at – sofa, TV stand, chair and even a strand of his mom’s hair.

The way he moves around, fiddles with things and more importantly, the way we have to run around when he is awake only scares us of the days ahead of us. All this means only one thing – this blog needs to be updated frequently. It will be.