Srivaths @ 20 months

I know that I haven’t done enough justice to this blog of Srivaths, where I am meant to be capturing his milestones. In the hope that I might turn a new leaf and will meticulously jot down his milestones, here is where he is at, at the end of 20 months.

– Srivaths has been trying to talk big sentences, but mumbles a lot now.
– He is very comfortable talking many of the two word sentences.
– By and large, he is able to follow most of the instructions involving multiple steps.
– He is able to recognize ‘amma’, ‘appa’, ‘anna’ and calls us using those words.
– Picture of every little child, including that of his own is ‘paapa’ for him.
– Dog is called as ‘Bog’ and his current lifetime ambition seems to drag one of that dog by its tail.
– Water is ‘vaa vaa’ and he loves to gulp that down as much as possible.
– He loves watching trains and rushes to the balcony whenever he hears the sound of one.
– 99% of the time, he alerts us before the nappy had to be replaced.
– As he heads into ‘troublesome twos’, we had to take lot of effort in getting him to eat.
– Unlike his elder brother, he fancies all sorts of junk food.
– The thing he loves most is to wake up his ‘anna’ when the elder one is found sleeping.

Words from Babble

Srivaths’ babble is slowly becoming recognizable. He clearly says ‘Appa’, ‘Maa’, ‘Thaa’ (give), ‘Thaathaa’ (grand dad) etc. He even uses the combination of words making a small sentence as in ‘Appa thaaa’. Funny thing is that, he uses ‘thaa’ for both give and take (indhaa). ‘Adda’ seems to be his version of ‘Anna’ (elder bro), but we are not quite sure yet. Apart from that, he is able to say some variation of ‘mabill’ (mobile), ‘tato’ (potato), ‘toto’ (Tomato) etc. Now, he is able to understand what we talk. When we ask him to get the TV remote / mobile / battery, which he would have normally hidden somewhere during the course of the day, he understands that and fetches it.