boss.. mottai boss

Srivaths is the latest mottai boss at our home. We had his head shaven off at the temple of our family deity – Sri Annan Perumal Kovil near Sirkazhi in Tamil Nadu.

About seven years ago, Anirud went through the process at the same place. I still remember the day when Anirud didn’t even flinch a muscle, so much so that we were wondering if he knew what was going on.

The little one on the other hand compensated for the elder’s quietness. The barber had to summon all his skills and experience to finish the task. The manner in which he cried, he would have woken up the Lord at Tirupathi, whose elder brother (Annan) reigns at Sirkazhi. Once he got away from the barber, he was at his normal self – with more pranks up his sleeve.

Messing up with the Elder Bro

Our younger brat seems to be living to the old tamil adage ‘Rendavadhu ellam Polladhu’.  Based on his mood, he dictates what he needs. If he feels good and great, he will cosy up to any one – especially to our elder one by hugging him and tailing him all the time. Elder one, being the innocent of the two will alsways warm up to Srivaths, ensure that he is cuddled and give him the required attention irrespective of what he is doing.  But the younger brat, when he is not in a receptive mood has the nerve to push Anirud away.

While we don’t want to take sides, we are making it clear to him that Anirud is his elder brother and Srivaths won’t be allowed to mess up with him in the way he does now. Of course, at 15 months he is too little to understand anything of this sort. 🙂

Two Wheeler Travel

Guess who is excited when Srivaths travelled on a two-wheeler for the first time? It was Anirud. 🙂

On the way back from a hospital after doing a round of vaccination, all in the family travelled on our Scooty for a short distance of half a kilometre. Anirud wasted no time in announcing the milestone “This is Srivaths’ first trip in the Scooty” and he was constantly enquiring if he is feeling happy / excited / thrilled / scared or whatever. On his part, Srivaths was quite amused to see something of this sort moving around, as the only vehicle with which he has travelled in the past was a car. Perhaps after a year or so, one can confidently make him stand in front of the driver of the Scooty without worrying too much about what the brat would do.

Milestone Update: 13 months

At the end of 13 months, here is a quick update about Srivaths:

  • The total number of tooth that Srivaths has got now is eight. Four in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw.
  •  He likes to repeat the actions of whatever the adults do. He likes to scoop from an empty bowl with a spoon and would like to feed his mom. With an imaginary razor, he also would like to shave like his dad and so on.
  • When any of the wardrobe doors are open, it doesn’t take much time for him to empty the contents. Whether it is books or clothes, it will be out in the open in seconds.
  • On food, Srivaths typically takes whatever we take. Rice, Pasta, Chapatis, Boiled Egg are his favourites. He loves pears and banana too. Apart from this, he also would like to eat bits of paper and any dirt lying around.
  • Srivaths adores his elder bro. If the elder brat is at home, he will follow him wherever he goes and keeps looking at him in awe. For some reason, he likes Anirud’s company more than anyone else.
  • “gaagaaa”, “thaathaa”, “paaappaa” etc are few of the stuff he babbles. Waiting for him to pronounce ‘appa’, ‘amma’, ‘anna’ etc.

Holiday Alarm Clock

Srivaths normally wakes up around 7 in the morning. Whether he does it on the weekdays or not, he would definitely wake up at 7 am on the weekends, which kind of forces us to be up and running. 🙁 The moment he is out of his cot, the first thing he does is to peek into Anirud’s room, crawl towards his bed, climb on that and wake up his elder bro. Guess how he does that? He gives his hair a not-so-gentle shake, taps Anirud on his face and ensures that the elder one is up. If we do any of this to Anirud, the way he will react will be difficult to write. But, when it comes to Srivaths, all he would say is “Please Srivaths.. you should not do that. You should behave well and let Anna sleep for some more time” in the most sweetest way possible. 🙂 However, Srivaths is not someone to relent that easily and will keep carrying on with his routine until Anirud is fully awake. No wonder the elder one has given him the name “Holiday Alarm Clock”.

Cry Baby Cry

One thing that Anirud can’t bear when it comes to his lil’ brother is to see Srivaths cry. Whenever he hears him cry, Anirud will drop whatever he is doing and try to calm him down either by talking to him or by making some sound with the rattle etc. Interestingly, Srivaths will oblige his Big Bro most of the time, looking at Anirud in awe (or whatever. Who knows what he is thinking?). However, nothing would work if the younger one is hungry.

Looks like Anirud had thought about this issue (of Srivaths crying for feed) long and hard. He had enquired many times about the frequency and the duration of Srivaths’ feed etc. Much like Archimedes, Anirud gets his ideas while taking bath. One day last week, he screamed from the bathroom like it was an emergency.

“Appa, if Srivaths is having milk every 2 hours, why can’t you set an alarm every 1 hour 50 mins and prepare the bottle, so that we can be ready when he is hungry. How is the idea?”.

“The idea is good, but if you don’t get out of the shower now, you will have to walk to the school, as you will miss the bus”.

In the evening, he started the same topic. I told him that it is not possible to implement his idea, as the baby’s hunger pattern is unpredictable. “Then, how about having the milk ready all the time? That way, my brother won’t cry at all”.

If you look at it, he was clearly focused on one particular thing: Not to let his brother cry. 🙂

Sometimes, we do wonder when the role change happened between us – as he doles out advice on how to handle the baby. While feeding Srivaths with a bottle, sometimes he would fall asleep. Whenever he does that, we would tap on the bottle which would awaken him. If ever Anirud notices that he will pull us up with a piece of advice, “Don’t force the baby to have his milk. Let him be on his own and he will be fine. I mean – don’t tap the bottle. Srivaths won’t like it”.

Didn’t I say right at the beginning that Anirud will make a wonderful bro? 🙂

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Wednesday Baby: Day 1 – Birth Story

Once again, we are proud parents of a baby boy.

While we would announce his name shortly, here is a quick story on the day of his birth.

My wife got admitted in Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore on a Tuesday evening. As she has a history of hyper tension since her first pregnancy, the OBGYN had told her that this delivery would be a C-Section. She was taking it cool until about 24 hours ago, after which she appeared a lot worried. It was not a worry about any specific factor, but the fact that she will be going under the doc’s knife did send down jitters. I checked with the hospital if they would allow me to stay with her in the ward, but they said a firm no. My mom-in-law was the one who stayed with her at the hospital. The operation was scheduled for 7:30 am on Wednesday. Next morning, we were there at the hospital at the crack of dawn. At around 6:35 am, she was wheeled into the operation theatre. I was asked to wait in the room and that I will receive a call there by around 8:30 am.

Before getting into the theatre, Ramya asked me to recite Vishnu Sahasaranamam and I obliged. Meanwhile Anirud, who was awake since the wee hours of the day had dozed off. At around 7:35 am, I got called on my mobile where a terse voice asked me to come to the Operation Theatre immediately. I was given no other detail and the call got disconnected. I ran down the flight of stairs (6 storeys) in few seconds and when I went near the OT, they were wheeling out a tiny baby. The nurse who was pushing the stretcher was not even telling if my wife had delivered or if the baby in the stretcher was ours. After about an agonising 30 seconds, a doctor appeared out of OT. After confirming my name and other details said that the baby in the stretcher was indeed ours and that it is a boy. I asked if my wife was okay and he didn’t have a clue. I demanded that he get me an answer, no matter who he is and he went back to the OT only to return after few minutes confirming that my wife is fine and that the procedure is not yet complete. Phew! What a nerve wracking few minutes that was.

In the melee, I got all of 20 seconds to see our new born, who at that time opened his eyes and started spreading joy.