New School and New woes

​Srivaths is a kind of person who expects things to be systematic, be at the right place, be with their rightful owners etc. Note the word “expects”. It doesn’t mean that he would endeavour to do all of the above (although he would try to be perfect very often), but would expect others to be perfect.

 So when Srivaths started at his new school at Abu Dhabi earlier last week, it wasn’t very surprising that he was not very happy. First of all, there was a bit of resistance to change. In the sense, he had it in his mind that “Greenwood High, Bangalore” was his school. The new one didn’t make sense to him.

 Greenwood High Bangalore had separate campus for the pre-primary kids away from the main campus. As per him, this should be the way the schools should be run. Housing younger and the older (Anirud) kids is a weird thought and he must be wondering what the heck people are up to.

 Next came the teething issues at school. The classes probably looked very identical and he couldn’t exactly place which is his. A common placement error that happens to anyone. But for Srivaths, it made him terribly upset. For few days since the school reopened, he was not at all happy. We couldn’t exactly figure out what was in his mind, as he kept saying “all the class rooms in all the sides look the same”. Also, he thought that everyone is talking in Arabic (well, he couldn’t get the accent and thought that people around him were speaking in Arabic ;-)). Poor thing, quite a lot must have gone in his mind that he was very visibly troubled.

 After a week or reassuring that his new school is a good one and indeed it is a great idea to watch the elder ones go into the same campus, he appears to have taken in the new environment. Appears that he is able to understand what his teachers say. It is too early to say that he has completely settled down, but Week 2 appears to be a lot better than Week 1. Phew, that is a relief in itself.:)


Recently we bought a 24 piece jigsaw puzzle for Srivaths. Not the one to have solved many puzzles of this kind, we left it as such with the thought of ‘teaching’ him how to do when we find time. Over the weekend when we were busy with something else, this brat came running and called us over to the hall saying ‘naan puzzle finish pannitten’ (I have completed the puzzle). Indeed, he had completed it without any help. In fact, we didn’t even tell him what do do with that box. This may not be that big a milestone for Srivaths, but it is quite noteworthy in his case especially because he is not one used to seeing something in the picture and assemble it on his own.