Anirud, Srivaths and I got into the lift car at our apartment in Abu Dhabi. In the very next floor, entered a tall Emirati gentleman clad in a traditional Arab costume. This was the first time Srivaths was seeing someone in that attire and he was looking up at him in awe.  The gentleman asked Srivaths his name and age, waved him bye when the lift arrived at the ground floor.

 Looking at his amusement, I asked him “Who is that Srivaths?” and he was like “Gandhi Thaatha”.

 Anirud almost fell down hearing this and tried his best explaining Srivaths that Gandhi is no more, but to no avail.

Srivaths’ had made up his mind having found his Gandhi thaatha who is a tall, Arabic gentlemen in his traditional costume. 🙂

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