School Story

Just a month before Srivaths turned three, he started attending the nursery at a school that is located about 5 kms away from our home in Bangalore. Since few weeks prior to the school opening, we have been preparing him mentally as he had never attended one before. He was all excited, woke up at the right time, dressed up and happily got into the bus and started waving us sporting crisp, new uniform. As the bus moved along, his grandfather and I travelled behind the bus to the school wanting to ensure if everything is alright.

As he got down from the bus, he started moving in the general direction as the other children. A staff member took him inside and it appeared that he was cool and composed making us give a sigh of relief. However, I got a call from the school couple of hours later asking me to come immediately and pick him up. Seems that he was very quiet for the first hour and half, while there was chaos all around with most children crying. Upon seeing other kids cry, he took his turn and started crying non-stop. When I went to the school, he was still sobbing and was visibly relieved on seeing me. 🙂

The sob saga continued for one more week while getting into the bus. However, the crying would subside before the bus reached the next apartment. After a week or so, either he gave up crying or got used to the idea of being in a school for few hours. 🙂

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