Understanding Adult’s Words

On any given day, Srivaths would like to mess around with the TV stand in our home. There is a small draw in the TV stand, where we keep all the remotes. One of his favourite pastime is to take out all the batteries from those remotes and fiddle with them. Yesterday, after such a fiddling session he went up to his mom in the kitchen and proudly displayed the battery as his prized possession. She promptly said, “Don’t take out the batteries. Go back and put it in the draw and close it”.  For a child of 16 months, it is a reasonably complex sentence involving multiple action items. Guess what, the brat got the message perfectly that he turned around, went to the TV stand, opened the draw, put the battery inside and closed it. Quite pleased. 🙂


Words from Babble

Srivaths’ babble is slowly becoming recognizable. He clearly says ‘Appa’, ‘Maa’, ‘Thaa’ (give), ‘Thaathaa’ (grand dad) etc. He even uses the combination of words making a small sentence as in ‘Appa thaaa’. Funny thing is that, he uses ‘thaa’ for both give and take (indhaa). ‘Adda’ seems to be his version of ‘Anna’ (elder bro), but we are not quite sure yet. Apart from that, he is able to say some variation of ‘mabill’ (mobile), ‘tato’ (potato), ‘toto’ (Tomato) etc. Now, he is able to understand what we talk. When we ask him to get the TV remote / mobile / battery, which he would have normally hidden somewhere during the course of the day, he understands that and fetches it.

Messing up with the Elder Bro

Our younger brat seems to be living to the old tamil adage ‘Rendavadhu ellam Polladhu’.  Based on his mood, he dictates what he needs. If he feels good and great, he will cosy up to any one – especially to our elder one by hugging him and tailing him all the time. Elder one, being the innocent of the two will alsways warm up to Srivaths, ensure that he is cuddled and give him the required attention irrespective of what he is doing.  But the younger brat, when he is not in a receptive mood has the nerve to push Anirud away.

While we don’t want to take sides, we are making it clear to him that Anirud is his elder brother and Srivaths won’t be allowed to mess up with him in the way he does now. Of course, at 15 months he is too little to understand anything of this sort. 🙂