Milestone Update: 13 months

At the end of 13 months, here is a quick update about Srivaths:

  • The total number of tooth that Srivaths has got now is eight. Four in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw.
  •  He likes to repeat the actions of whatever the adults do. He likes to scoop from an empty bowl with a spoon and would like to feed his mom. With an imaginary razor, he also would like to shave like his dad and so on.
  • When any of the wardrobe doors are open, it doesn’t take much time for him to empty the contents. Whether it is books or clothes, it will be out in the open in seconds.
  • On food, Srivaths typically takes whatever we take. Rice, Pasta, Chapatis, Boiled Egg are his favourites. He loves pears and banana too. Apart from this, he also would like to eat bits of paper and any dirt lying around.
  • Srivaths adores his elder bro. If the elder brat is at home, he will follow him wherever he goes and keeps looking at him in awe. For some reason, he likes Anirud’s company more than anyone else.
  • “gaagaaa”, “thaathaa”, “paaappaa” etc are few of the stuff he babbles. Waiting for him to pronounce ‘appa’, ‘amma’, ‘anna’ etc.