One small leap and the world changes

One careless leap and Srivaths gets on to the coffee table. From there, the TV stand is a step away for him to explore its back. Many a times, he assaults the TV (yeah! It is an assault.. If the TV had some life, it would cry helplessly or hit back) from the ground. Excited and scared about what lies in store with this super brat.


Couple of days ago, in an attempt to distract Srivaths from what he was doing I stared at him and said “Yaaaay!”. This brat, didn’t hesitate a moment, didn’t bat an eyelid but gave me a cold stare and shouted back “Yaaaaaaaay!” in the loudest possible voice that a eleven month old could. Then, he proceeded with what he was doing in the first place.

When I say that he is one of the naughtiest I have ever seen, I do mean it. 🙂


The count is six now. I mean the number of tooth that Srivaths has got. Two in the upper jaw and the four in the lower one. Seems that many more are on the way that he always puts his fingers into his mouth and keeps rubbing his gums. At times, he loses sleep due to possible pain / irritation in the gums. A gel prescribed by the doc seems to work, if he cries incessantly in the night.