Guess what this little blighter is up to these days?

Srivaths is trying to climb on the TV stand. He has tried this unsuccessfully few times, but we do know that he was literally seconds away from victory (also a great fall like Humpty Dumpty!). I am sure he will be trying again and in one of those moments he is going to climb and claim victory. I will try to click a picture, if I get a chance. More than the picture, we are quite worried as how we are going to manage this brat in the forthcoming days. 🙂

Super Fussy Eater

Until about two weeks back, Srivaths was eating reasonably well. Apart from Cerelac and Nestum, he was having rice & vegetables in a puree form. Gradually, as we started varying the texture by mashing up the food with a ladle rather than with a blender, this brat wouldn’t want any of it. When he is hungry, he will cry for food. But, as soon as he is done with just about 3 or 4 mouthfuls, he would refuse to open his mouth. Initially, we thought that it is a stomach bug or something of that sort. But the docs confirmed that it is more of a behavioural thing rather than anything else.

When Anirud was at this stage, we had the advantage of approaching a Health Visitor in UK for issues like the above. Unfortunately, we don’t have any body of that nature – apart from the proverbial Grandma’s wisdom. We tried to recollect the wise words of Nikki Edwards, who was the Health Visitor for Anirud and our saviour on many occasions. She often used to say that the child might demand anything, but you – as a parent should take control of the situation and never let the child dictate rules. Armed with that thought, we decided to take on the bull by its horns. If Srivaths refused to have food, we let him be. If he stops opening his mouth after few spoons, we removed the food. The little blighter happily goes hungry, but guess what – he makes up for that by falling in line before the end of the day. Somehow, the law of averages catches up before the day ends and that is all we want.

Though he takes rice and vegetables, his favourite food seems to be chapathis and boiled egg.