At the age of 9 months..


– is crawling around at an unbelievable speed
– drools all the time with litres of saliva
– recognises people and gives out a warm smile
– is frightened on seeing strangers and give them a grumpy look
– is cuddled and celebrated by his brother, who is mighty proud that he was the first one to hold Srivaths among the other family members
– sports two new, sharp, lovely tooth when he smiles with the third one trying to show up already
– loves to wake his brother from bed while the elder lad is trying to extend his sleep during his vacation
– eats mashed food (rice / veggies etc)
– has a iron like grip on the stuff that he could lay his hands on
– likes to lick everything that comes his way
– babbles every now and then, whenever he has the mood
– wakes up from his sleep at the drop of a hat (literally!)
– likes to follow his elder bro and look at him in awe.