Moving Around

What is Srivaths up to these days? Nothing much apart from moving around. Moving around? Yes, I am right. Moving around. If you leave him in a mat, within no time he would have crawled his way to some corner on his back. If you leave him inside the cot, not only that he would have moved perpendicularly, but also that he would hang out his legs and start crying.

If he is like this in 100 days, wonder what the next few years are going to be like. 🙂

Out of the Way

When Srivaths is fed milk with a bottle, he will indicate when he had enough. After making him burp, we will get the bottle near his mouth just to check if he really had enough or if he has got the appetite to have a little more. Guess what the cheeky bugger did today. He pushed the bottle with such a force that it fell few metres away. Never did I imagine that a 3 month old could express “No” in that fashion. Think these second ones always have it in them to do it that way. Coming days and years will perhaps confirm my theory. 🙂

Cry Baby Cry

One thing that Anirud can’t bear when it comes to his lil’ brother is to see Srivaths cry. Whenever he hears him cry, Anirud will drop whatever he is doing and try to calm him down either by talking to him or by making some sound with the rattle etc. Interestingly, Srivaths will oblige his Big Bro most of the time, looking at Anirud in awe (or whatever. Who knows what he is thinking?). However, nothing would work if the younger one is hungry.

Looks like Anirud had thought about this issue (of Srivaths crying for feed) long and hard. He had enquired many times about the frequency and the duration of Srivaths’ feed etc. Much like Archimedes, Anirud gets his ideas while taking bath. One day last week, he screamed from the bathroom like it was an emergency.

“Appa, if Srivaths is having milk every 2 hours, why can’t you set an alarm every 1 hour 50 mins and prepare the bottle, so that we can be ready when he is hungry. How is the idea?”.

“The idea is good, but if you don’t get out of the shower now, you will have to walk to the school, as you will miss the bus”.

In the evening, he started the same topic. I told him that it is not possible to implement his idea, as the baby’s hunger pattern is unpredictable. “Then, how about having the milk ready all the time? That way, my brother won’t cry at all”.

If you look at it, he was clearly focused on one particular thing: Not to let his brother cry. 🙂

Sometimes, we do wonder when the role change happened between us – as he doles out advice on how to handle the baby. While feeding Srivaths with a bottle, sometimes he would fall asleep. Whenever he does that, we would tap on the bottle which would awaken him. If ever Anirud notices that he will pull us up with a piece of advice, “Don’t force the baby to have his milk. Let him be on his own and he will be fine. I mean – don’t tap the bottle. Srivaths won’t like it”.

Didn’t I say right at the beginning that Anirud will make a wonderful bro? 🙂

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