First Fortyfive Days

Time has whizzed past and our Wednesday baby is already 45 days old. Highlights of the first 1.5 months:

  • Our second bundle of joy has been named SRIVATHS CHAKKARAPANI. He was named so in a simple domestic ceremony at our home in Bangalore.
  • Not sure if every baby is nocturnal, both our boys happened to be. Srivaths’ active hours are between 11 pm and 4:30 am. So was Anirud, years ago.
  • Srivaths had jaundice at birth and started losing weight drastically giving us nightmares. Thanks to the care given by the pediatrician, he got alright.
  • Now, at 1.5 months of age – he has got a bit of throat congestion, which sounds like how a sore throat would to an adult. As a result, his crying is so different.
  • Srivaths plays on his own for about 25 minutes. Playing involves kicking his arms and legs in the air. 🙂 After that period, he requires someone to take him in their lap and coochiecoo him.

The first 45 days have been great in terms of the kid, knackered in terms of sleep. Let us see how the future spans out. Will keep you posted. C ya!