Mom’s Comfort

The boy is one week old today and we are quite surprised by the ruckus he is throwing around. This morning, he had his feed and was feeling very sleepy. His grandma was trying to put him to sleep by patting him, but he refused to close his eyes and kept on crying. Just when his mom took over and patted him couple of times, he dozed off.

I am really surprised that a week old baby is able to recognise the warmth of the mom and be able to demand that comfort. Well, that is why moms are considered special. Ain’t it?

Welcome Home Baby!

Our lil’ one is home now. After spending a little more than 3 days after birth at the hospital, he got home last evening. While he is just about 4 days old and we have mountain load of issues to cross, the current challenge is his feeding and sleep pattern. He cries of hunger, but as soon as he has about 10 ml of feed, he goes back to sleep, which means that he will wake up again after an hour crying out of hunger.  The sooner we find a solution to this issue, the better it will be.

Wednesday Baby: Day 1 – Birth Story

Once again, we are proud parents of a baby boy.

While we would announce his name shortly, here is a quick story on the day of his birth.

My wife got admitted in Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore on a Tuesday evening. As she has a history of hyper tension since her first pregnancy, the OBGYN had told her that this delivery would be a C-Section. She was taking it cool until about 24 hours ago, after which she appeared a lot worried. It was not a worry about any specific factor, but the fact that she will be going under the doc’s knife did send down jitters. I checked with the hospital if they would allow me to stay with her in the ward, but they said a firm no. My mom-in-law was the one who stayed with her at the hospital. The operation was scheduled for 7:30 am on Wednesday. Next morning, we were there at the hospital at the crack of dawn. At around 6:35 am, she was wheeled into the operation theatre. I was asked to wait in the room and that I will receive a call there by around 8:30 am.

Before getting into the theatre, Ramya asked me to recite Vishnu Sahasaranamam and I obliged. Meanwhile Anirud, who was awake since the wee hours of the day had dozed off. At around 7:35 am, I got called on my mobile where a terse voice asked me to come to the Operation Theatre immediately. I was given no other detail and the call got disconnected. I ran down the flight of stairs (6 storeys) in few seconds and when I went near the OT, they were wheeling out a tiny baby. The nurse who was pushing the stretcher was not even telling if my wife had delivered or if the baby in the stretcher was ours. After about an agonising 30 seconds, a doctor appeared out of OT. After confirming my name and other details said that the baby in the stretcher was indeed ours and that it is a boy. I asked if my wife was okay and he didn’t have a clue. I demanded that he get me an answer, no matter who he is and he went back to the OT only to return after few minutes confirming that my wife is fine and that the procedure is not yet complete. Phew! What a nerve wracking few minutes that was.

In the melee, I got all of 20 seconds to see our new born, who at that time opened his eyes and started spreading joy.