India Experience #1

* Jotted down on the day we landed in India

– Looks like Electric Toothbrush is not that very common in India. When I was using that at Delhi Airport, there were quite a few onlookers watching me too closely for my comfort. I was worried that if I were to put it down for a moment, one of them is going to pick up and use it.

– At New Delhi’s swanky new Terminal 3, we were getting ready to move on after collecting our baggages. There were some helpers guiding us on our way to Customs counter / Exit etc. I was quite amused by the way they asked me about my job title, employer, pay etc. and expected me to part all of that information without any reason. Perhaps I should get used to forgetting the phrase ‘Data Privacy’.

– Wifey bought a bottle of water @ Delhi Airport and made the stupid mistake of standing in the queue to pay for it. At least, 15 other people managed to get ahead of her in paying for their stuff. Of course, there was still a queue and 2 or 3 people were still standing in the queue awaiting their turn to get near the till.

– Good to see muffins with those red and green tooti-fruity bits on it. How long it has been to see those colourful looking muffins.

– Chennai Super Kings jersey was being sold at the airport for Rs 2500. Must buy one of that and Team India one soon for a decent price.

– T3 of New Delhi airport is fabulous. Of all the things, I was very much impressed with the cleanliness of the toilets.