Nammura Halli Mane

There is a new food joint / eatery named ‘Nammura Halli Mane’ at the entrance of Bangalore airport (must have started only in the last two months). The food is awesome there and they give one lot of choices even for breakfast. Previously, the passengers had to depend on either ‘Taste of India’ or the dosa shop – both inside the terminal and hence very expensive. A plate of two idlis cost Rs. 95 inside the airport, while it costs Rs. 30 at ‘Nammura Halli Mane’. Apart from the pricing, one major disadvantage with ‘Taste of India’ is their turnaround time and the long queue. With hundreds of passengers queueing up, the man at their only till will normally struggle to cope with the volume. I have had nightmarish experience with them several times, especially on Monday mornings. I hope that it won’t be the case any more.

Talking about food joints, in the last one year – at the neighbourhood adjoining the place I live in, I see that the number of Dosa shops have spring up like anything. While some of them serve the traditional menu, quite a few of them are experimental (like Mysore Schezwan Masala Dosa for instance) and they taste yum! All of them are stand-in eateries and I should say that most of them are neat and clean. No wonder there is a good patronage for these businesses. For foodies like me, more the number of options, the better it is. This is one particular thing I love about India – the ability to taste food of any kind, almost any where.

By the way, would any kind soul enlighten me as what ‘Nammura Halli Mane’ means?