Blank Calls

One anonymous moron has been desperately trying in vain to irritate me by making blank calls to my mobile. My mobile would flash “Private Number calling..” when the call is made and if I try to answer the call, it would be hung up. Over the last one week, 20 such calls have been made and for the record, I haven’t got pissed off so far. I am not planning to either.


Film producer GV commits suicide. I had met him in close quarters about 12 years back when his company GV films had just gone public. After the release of Thalapathi, the share prices went up to 80 bucks, which was quite a price those days for a film company scrip. Very soft spoken and mild mannered person that he is, it is quite shocking that he took such a decision for financial reasons. Sad!

Local body elections

Local body elections were held throughout UK recently. As Commonwealth citizens, Indians are eligible to vote. Its a different thing that I didn’t get the voting card on time. What elections with absolutely no spice. No blaring loudspeakers, no innuendoes, no counter charges.. but just plain & simple campaigning. Brits need to learn a lot from the World’s largest democracy! 😉 Reminds me of the article I wrote in 1999 after the Indian general elections.

Remember Me

Remember Me.

There is a check box next to “Remember Me” in I am sure that I check the box everytime, but it seldom remembers my login details and I have to enter them time and again. I am quite sure that I didn’t delete the cache/cookies in between. Problem is that, it doesn’t happen consistenly. Has it happened to any one ?? Not a big problem though, but still….

Is this real ?

Is this real ?

Heard about railway crossing and even ships crossing under the bridges. But, have you heard about Flight Crossing ? See the picture. The vehicles wait for the flight to cross the road. I got this picture in a forwarded mail which said that this place is in Germany where the runway crosses the road ? Can anyone tell me whether it is really so ??


Tehelka is gonna bring out a Sunday newspaper from August 2003. Tarun Tejpal, their Editor in Chief promises that the paper will not align with any political party or business house and appeals for advance subscriptions from NRIs. With people like Kapil Sibal, Ram Jethmalani etc. known for their political stands in the Advisory Board, I wonder how Tarun promises to be politically neutral. May be he has the will, but would it translate in to action ? Any thoughts ??


A joke for the database guys…. Do you get that ?

“Relational Database father Edgar F. Codd died last week. Interestingly enough, his three children and 11 grandchildren died at the very same time.”

A joke that you could only get away with at a conference full of database developers.


I heard about this about 3 weeks back and just checked out few of them over the net (haa.. where else?). Yet to learn the tricks of the game, but ever since I heard about this buzzword, it was *itching* somewhere to start blogging & join the gang. Couldn’t believe that Chennai has so many bloggers and recently they had a Blogger’s meet and all that. Lemme see how regular I am in this.. 🙂

What a day to start.. Mahesh Shantaram has written a piece in rediff that tells what else this blogging could offer.