Settling down at Abu Dhabi

Happy New Year and all that.

It has been a little over five months since I moved to Abu Dhabi. Should I use the cliche “time flies”. Cliche or otherwise, it sure does. Family was here for the last two weeks in December 2015 and we managed to sort out the residence visa and the Emirates ID card while they were here.

Getting the medicals done was a breeze. Due to paucity of time, I thought of paying for express service that would make me poorer by 500 Dirhams, but would get the results out within 24 hours. However, even with the normal service, I got the results in less than 24 hours.

Process related Emirates ID proved to be a bit of a pain, due to less number of female staff available to take finger prints for women. Wifey had to revisit the centre twice to get past that stage. All is well that ends well and they all got the residence visa on the nick of time, just a day before they were scheduled to go back to India.