After so many years, I got to use a Reynolds ball point pen, while visiting a vendor’s office today. Some 20+ years ago, it was the most common writing instrument in India. The pen used to cost a princely sum of 10 rupees then and one can get a refill for 3 rupees. There was a premium version of the pen sold at 25 rupees, which I have never used. I don’t know what it costs now, but was told by someone that it is lot less than what it was in mid-1990s. If that is so, here is one product that withstood the inflation tall and square.

I vividly remember that a point in time during my college days, I had to buy multiple refills in a short span of time because the refills would leak the ink causing it to smudge on the paper. One fine day, I was filling an important application form when the ink leaked and created a mess. A very furious me wrote a long letter enclosing all the faulty refills and sent it to GM Pens Ltd. Two days later, I had a representative from GM Pens at our door apologising for the poor quality of their products and offered a bagful of goodies (half a dozen Reynolds pens).

Never imagined that a pen would trigger these many memories.

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