Happy Hour at work

It is not that very often that an invite at the workplace would become a reason to feel glad about. Last Wednesday, when a fellow manager from our business line invited me and one another person to join his team for the ‘Happy Hour’ at our office cafeteria, I was smiling at the choice of name and the cartoon that went up on the pillar near their work area. As my desk is in the close vicinity of that team, I am not only privy to the artistic skills in that team and more often than not, I get to witness the work in progress.
The idea behind the ‘Happy Hour’ is when this particular team based out of our Bangalore office gathers informally for a potluck lunch. What appealed to me the most was the way in which they used the occasion to give a pat to their own team members and make them feel at home. As the one who had the privilege of signing few of the beautiful hand-made cards – one for welcoming a new team member, one for someone who had taken up a new role, one for the guy who scaled new heights by clearing a tough certification exam, some to the guys for doing a commendable job, I was indeed amazed at the camaraderie among the team members. It is a great feeling to be appreciated and backed up by your own team and I am sure it would have done wonders to the spirit of the folks who were cheered. They even made me feel important by asking me to talk for a few minutes.

Needless to say, the potluck lunch was a sumptuous feast of homemade food and I could see lot of effort had gone in organizing this. It is a simple way to celebrate, relax and rejoice as a team and these folks made it very effective. Pot was theirs, luck was ours and it was indeed a very happy hour! 🙂