Teacher’s Day

On this day – Sep 5, let me thank all my teachers for making me what I am. Happy Teachers day!

At my alma mater (The Hindu Senior Secondary School, Triplicane, Chennai), the convention is to let the Class XII students run the school for the whole day. The day before, the students will elect among themselves for the key roles – Principal, Vice Principal etc. Needless to say, it will be super cool to be elected as a Principal / VP. Sitting on the swivel chair and issuing commands on and off the microphone would certainly be giving one a sense of power. There will be a clamour to be allocated to ‘teach’ for the higher classes. Ours being a co-ed school, one doesn’t need to tell the reason for the above. Over all, whether the students appreciate the role of teachers on this day or not, it will be good fun for everyone involved.

It has been close to two decades since I left school. I only hope that this tradition still continues.

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