India Shining?

Although I have been visiting India for the last eleven years at least once every 18 months, the extent to which certain organisations provided service shocked and amazed me.

If Airtel surprised me by providing the phone connection and broadband within 48 hours, HDFC Bank even shocked me by providing me with Instant ATM card and other paraphernalia the moment I gave their representative the documents they asked for. Last Sunday afternoon, there was some issue with our landline connection and the line went dead. I called up Airtel and they promised to set it right by 10 a.m on Monday. I was very, very sceptical about the promise mainly because it was a Sunday. But to my surprise, an engineer came knocking at our doors two hours later and the line was set right.

I am well aware that I shouldn’t generalise things by the above experience, but it was a pleasant and welcoming change. Perhaps, the key lies in being mentally prepared for the worst. In any case, I am getting prepared for the law of averages to strike. 🙂

3 thoughts on “India Shining?”

  1. Chakra,

    You came with a mindset that India ” INCREDIBLE INDIA”. Defenitely BANGALORE is shining thanks to IT.

    You should also visit E-seva (Bangalore One Center) kendras where all GOVT related things done under one roof. (Like GAS registration, Passport, Electric Bill Payment).

    You should never compare Bangalore with Chennai as chennai is still a conservative city.


  2. Welcome back to India!

    Regarding customer service, I am a long time Airtel customer(7 years), I dare say their services have only gone worse…they used to be much much better…

    There are other aspects which has gone worse .for e.g. traffic in all the big cities…imagine 1000 new vehicles getting registered everyday in Chennai city alone.

    i’d say life in India is good, if one has enough money, and can work from home 🙂

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