Save TN Fishermen

It is very disturbing, to say the least.

Here is a country that is aspiring to be a super power, but couldn’t do anything more than raise a feeble protest when some of its innocent citizens are getting killed.

This is not the first time the Sri Lankan Navy is killing fishermen from Tamil Nadu. It has happened before in regular intervals for so many years now. Whenever that happens, CM of TN will write a letter or send a telegram to the Prime Minister and that will be the end of it. Now, as the elections are looming large, they have gone one step further. Foreign Ministry has ‘strongly’ condemned the actions of Sri Lanka, much like the way our dear Prime Minister will vow to deal with ‘iron fist’ whenever a bomb blast happens in India.

Isn’t this shameful? Aren’t those poor fishermen citizens of India? Isn’t Tamil Nadu part of India? What is the difference between a Ajmal Kasab killing people in Mumbai and a Tamil fisherman getting killed in the mid-sea by a foreign force. Though the scale is different, the nature of the crime is the same, right?

Well, the government is impotent. They give a damn when it comes to these. Lets look at the media. All the 24×7 news channels that go hysterical when someone in Australia gets attacked (rightly so) are maintaining a deafening silence now. CNN-IBN is so very concerned about the IT raids on Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif. NDTV has got actor Vijay’s interview for its share of TN news. Apart from the local media in the state, no media organisation has thought it worth to highlight the plight of fishermen dying at the hands of a neighbouring country. If only there is enough media attention, there will be some sort of action from the powers that be. People on Twitter have taken this up a bit seriously and have been trying their best to highlight the issue using the hash tag #tnfisherman. Visit to have a look at the online protests. Despite the heavy presence of famous media personalities on Twitter, very little seems to have happened so far. It is very difficult to wake up those who pretend to sleep.

One may think that it is only happening to some unknown fisherman from a remote village. What happens to him today might happen to anyone tomorrow. An attack on an Indian is an attack on India. If we don’t stand up for a fellow Indian today, it will be too late. It is a call for the collective conscience of the nation. People must do whatever in their powers to wake the sleeping Indian Government and make them answerable. Responsibility must be fixed on the Sri Lankan Navy for the death of the fishermen and concrete steps be taken to prevent the occurence of such events in future.

India aspires to be a Super Power. Given the attitude of those who rule, it can’t even be a Super Power’s pubic hair.

For once, I am glad that I am not an Indian.


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Hi All…

Again, a long break from blogging. In fact, I have been so disinterested in blogs these days that I didn’t even realise that my blog aggregator – Bloglines has moved hands long ago, changed hands and what not. Twitter and Facebook are the most happening things now. Although I haven’t been contributing anything on that front, despite the world waiting for me to do it, it is nice following the tweets and FB updates, much like the way it was with blogs 5-6 years ago.

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