Our home’s first basic necessity – TV has conked out. It was just 4 years since we bought this one. It is a Toshiba 21″ CTV – a very ordinary telly that very much catered to our needs. We bought this one just before 2006 Football world cup and we chose Toshiba over another unknown brand that had similar features and cost 30 quid less, naively thinking that a known brand translates to better quality and would last longer. How gullible we had been?

Anyway, there is no point in crying over spilt milk and broken TVs. We have to go for a new one any way and we have decided to go for a HD TV. Researching on which is better – LCD or Plasma. Any inputs will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance people.

London 2012

Way back in 2004, couple of months before Athens Olympics was due to begin, there were concerns that several infrastructure projects were way behind the schedule. There were even speculations that if things were not ready at a certain state by a certain date, International Olympic Committee might even push back the games after levying heavy penalty to Greece. The fact that Greece was plagued with numerous labour strikes didn’t help the matters either. However, things somehow fell in place and Athens 2004 was pretty much successful by any standards.

Fast forward to 2010, we all know the state in which New Delhi is w.r.t. Commonwealth Games 2010. With less than two months to go for the Games, CWG 2010 is in the news for all wrong reasons one could imagine. From toilet rolls to treadmill, everything has cost the tax payer a fortune and the blame game is happily on. Sooner or later, these allegations of corruption and mismanagement will soon be forgotten, just like how we have forgotten 2G Spectrum and numerous other controversies. Given some luck, I am sure that the organisers will also find a way to get the stadiums and other venues ready, as there are reports that ‘work around’ is being done to get the venues in shape. No prizes for guessing if these workarounds will stand after the Games and if the venues will be usable at all.

If all you get to see and hear is about the rubbish that comes out of CWG 2010, I was more than curious about the state of affairs in my adopted country for the forthcoming Olympics. With less than two years to go for the Olympics, it looks like London is far ahead in terms of getting the venues ready. All the venues are ready and will be available for trial runs twelve months before the Games. What I am really worried about is how good the Olympics opening ceremony will be, as the Chinese have set the bar so high in Beijing 2008. However, after watching the happenings in CWG at Delhi, what matters most is not the opening ceremony – but a fair and clean Olympics and am confident that London as a host city will do a good job on that front.