Once upon a time (this is how my son typically begins any story), I started this blog and it will really itch me if I stopped scribbling here. Any happening or thought will always be about how to present that in the blog. It is not exaggeration to say that blogging drove me and it was really good. Good in the sense, I got to know several wonderful people and managed to meet quite a few of them as well. Slowly but steadily, I came out of the blogging phase and so did many others who were actively blogging those days. Barring very few people, I am not in touch with anyone although I know very well that they are all a phone call away.

Today morning, for want of some information I was looking at my blog archives and before I realised it, I was taken down the memory lane. I stumbled upon several comments and when I came across TJ’s (T.J. Swaminathan), I know that he was just an email away. Without giving any room for procrastination, I immediately mailed him and guess what – I got a reply within minutes. We managed to talk for few minutes today and promised to talk more over the weekend as well. It was great knowing him and more than anything, it is really good to renew the friendship. Hope I continue to blog – if not for anything, at least for rediscovering my long last friends.

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