Visit to Bournemouth

After a long while I drove to Bournemouth yesterday, a visit that lasted few hours. In the last four years, after we moved out of Bournemouth, I have visited the place at least half a dozen times and boy I should say that the place is just getting better each time. The beach front at Boscombe has improved like anything. Apart from the new pier that was put up less than two years ago, they have tidied up the roundabout as well. There is a huge pile of sand near the Boscombe pier and that is where Europe’s first artificial surf reef is coming up. Locals are understandably excited about that and I heard from more than one person that the reef is the reason why the housing prices are holding on bucking the nationwide trend. I have no clue about how that will look like upon completion, but will get to see that sometime before the end of this year.

Visiting the beach at Bournemouth is akin to taking a trip down the memory lane. I spent three eventful years in the area nearer to the beach and even in days of solitude, that was my favourite place for hanging around. Wish I had more time so that I could have walked down the promenade all the way up to the other pier. Well, there is always a next time.