County Council Elections

Couple of months ago, when I was checking out the websites of the three major political parties in UK, I thought of downloading Labour Party‘s policy brochure. Like many marketing sites, they sought my contact details and promised to send it by post. Few days later, I got a letter from the party that went on like ‘Dear Chakra, Welcome to the Labour Party. We are proud to welcome our newest member.. yada yada yada…’. I promptly sent that letter to the bin and forgot about it.

Last night, I had a knock at my door and it was a Labour Party person from our neighbourhood. He is running for the County Council election and wanted my support. Apparently, he was thinking that I am one of the party members as he showed the list of Labour Party members in our area and my name was there in it. After explaining him that I am not one, I started discussing about an issue that I want to take up with the local authorities. He explained about the process and mentioned that if he gets elected, he will be the person expected to sort that out. When I enquired with him about his chances of winning the election he was contesting, as a matter of fact he said that he will not be winning this election, as Labour had very few supporters in the area. Moreover, Labour has been in power for more than 12 years now and things are not really looking in good shape. Asked why he was contesting then, he mentioned that there are people who will vote only for Labour, no matter what and we don’t want to disappoint them.

While talking about campaigning styles, he mentioned that Liberal Democrats (nationally, they are the third front of UK, but locally, they are the runners up here behind Conservatives) will be dropping pamphlets saying not to waste your vote by supporting Labour, as the real contest is between the Conservatives and Lib Dems. I was baffled when he said – ‘perhaps, they are right coz we are not going to win’. 🙂 What do you call this? Is this pessimism or being brutally honest?

After meeting this guy, I am keen on getting into a party and see the way it works, their campaign style etc and compare it what we see back home. At the moment, I don’t have time and energy, but this one has got into my wish list.


Overheard conversation..

அயனà¯? படமà¯? பாதà¯?தீஙà¯?களே, எபà¯?படி இரà¯?கà¯?கà¯??

à®?யோ.. தாஙà¯?கல. 4 தெலà¯?ஙà¯?கà¯? மசாலா படமà¯? சேரà¯?தà¯?தà¯? பாரà¯?தà¯?த மாதிரி இரà¯?கà¯?கà¯?.

Could one get a shorter and effective feedback than this?