Banana Taquito

If there is one dessert that had me craving for more in the recent times, it is the one called Banana Taquito. As a long time fan of Banofee Pie, as soon as I saw the name starting with ‘Banana’, I ordered it mistaking it to be a Banofee. Oh boy.. for once, I am glad I made the mistake. What a divine stuff that was to create such an effect on the taste buds that I didn’t care one bit about my waist line. This is what the menu describes, but let me tell you it tastes much better than what it sounds. 😉

Banana wrapped in a cinanmon tortilla and then deep fried until golden brown. Served warm with cajeta fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream.

It so happens that I had similar surprise with a banana related dessert years ago when we had that at a Chinese Restaurant in Bournemouth. While on the topic, after dabbling with Chinese, Italian, Thai, American(?), Mexican and of course Indian, we seem to have a deep sense of liking towards Mexican. In the recent past, we have visited Chiquito and we are more than impressed with the quality of food as well as service. 🙂

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  1. This dessert reminds me of the banana fried icecream that is served at Thai restaurants. It is the fried food that all of us gravitate to !:D


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