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I have whined quite a lot in these pages about poor customer service at many places, so it is only fair if I mention about an exemplary service that I received.

It is for the third or fourth time we are visiting the High Wycombe branch of T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants in as many months and they seem to be hell bent on impressing us every single time. Right from the way they take the bookings to the ambience to seating arrangements to the time taken for preparaton to the temperature and quality of food, everything is simply fantastic there. What I like more is they have their ears wide open for any feedback. If you visit them once and leave a feedback on their website within the next 48 hours, an appetizer would be on the house when you visit them next time.

I am not sure whether this superb service is consistent across all the TGIF restaurants in UK and across the pond, but I think it will be. Would appreciate if anyone confirms that.

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  1. I have had nice experiences too at TGIF. But I haven’t tried this feedback thing yet.

    Its nice to know that restaurants keep the customer service as one of their top priorities, as most of the Indian restaurants in US screw up on that. Sad to say that 🙁

  2. hi chakra,

    wish u a veryhappy 2008…and belated merry christmas…visiting ur blog after a very long time…hope new year brings prosperity in all our lives..keep blogging!!!

  3. I concur; TGIF is good. I prefer eating there over other restaurants in the airports… outside the airport, I prefer our Udipi. Nothing to beat it 🙂

  4. Dear Chakkara:thanks for entering my blog.I envy U. We don’t have a T.G.I.F here and my experience of almost all 5 stars and 3 stars heren has been one of dismay and disappointment.I remember U wrote in 2005 about a similar pleasant experience in a restaursnt whee the janiter was very courteoius and he was proud of his job.Well that is what civilization and consequent civility ushers in especially in develped and advanced countries.All the best.
    Partha kish

  5. Hi Chakra, visiting your blog after a very very long time owing to the holidays…..glad to see that you have reverted back to English for folks like me…..the crux of the matter is – I can speak and understand Tamil but cannot read/write the same…..

  6. Arun – Good to hear abt TGIF from your side as well.

    Amrita, Sriram, Ashok – Happy New Yr to you too.

    Narayanan – rightly said.

    Venky – Udipi is much, much different.. I agree.

    Kichami Sir – Thanks for your views. Welcome here.

    Sunny – Customer is THE king! 🙂

  7. Like Sunny sd, I am happy to see the English too!!!
    Hmm, I’ve never been to a TGIF. Never knew they had anything Vegetarian to offer. But nice to know someone cares!!

  8. Sunny,s comment that ‘consumer is the king’ Is a hackneyed adage introduced to put the consumer off.{I beliece he was deriding it from the way of the smily I see}
    Here, in India, consumer mey be a king in a pack of cards and there too undervalued than Ace

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