Roger Federer’s crash out in the semi-finals of Australian Open came as a bit of s shock to me. Though no one can go on for ever and although his form off late is far from perfect, I was one among those who thought or rather wished Fed is invincible. May be it is one rare lean patch or possibly this would be the beginning of the end. Whatever it is, I would like Fed to come back with all guns blazing as before. More than I like him, I am a fan of come back stories. When someone goes down the pit and bounces back, it inspires so many lesser mortals. Fed hasn’t gone that deep, but I wish he would make a come back.


Years ago when we had a nursery school near our home in India, it used to be a gory sight in the morning for few months every year, when children cry like anything for being dropped at school. The parents will try every possible trick in their books by cajoling, coaxing and bundle them in to the school building.

Cutting out the flash back and coming to reality, it is a funny situation at this end now. Time and location has changed. As Anirud stepped into the school (play group) today for the first time, it was funnier to see kids stepping in with glee. The area where these buggers are meant to be seated were filled with toys and what not. There was no ‘miss’ standing with a scale (ruler). Atmosphere was welcoming and children were made to feel comfortable. It is quite some time since I saw a child in close quarters going to school and whenever I think of schooling, invariably I am reminded of the scene described at the beginning of the post. I keep hearing from folks that things have changed a lot in India and they don’t spank the kids as they used to do during our times. Would be interested to know how else the schools have changed in India.

TGI Friday’s

I have whined quite a lot in these pages about poor customer service at many places, so it is only fair if I mention about an exemplary service that I received.

It is for the third or fourth time we are visiting the High Wycombe branch of T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants in as many months and they seem to be hell bent on impressing us every single time. Right from the way they take the bookings to the ambience to seating arrangements to the time taken for preparaton to the temperature and quality of food, everything is simply fantastic there. What I like more is they have their ears wide open for any feedback. If you visit them once and leave a feedback on their website within the next 48 hours, an appetizer would be on the house when you visit them next time.

I am not sure whether this superb service is consistent across all the TGIF restaurants in UK and across the pond, but I think it will be. Would appreciate if anyone confirms that.


2008 began on a great note.

When I returned the extra cash that the cashier at the NEXT store in Hemel Hempstead gave me due to her error, she was all the more impressed with my honesty that she and her supervisor came around the counter and gave a big hug. Prettiest of those 2 pretty girls also did an ‘irukki anaichchu oru umma’… (Ok.. let me accept, it was just a peck). Wasn’t that a great start for the year?

Better late than never, Happy New Year folks!