An elderly relative of ours recently wrote his autobiography and circulated it within the family. He is not a public person of any kind for his notes to get sensational or create ripples anywhere. It was nothing more than a personal account of his experiences of life and times over the last 83 years. Though it may not mean much for people outside of his family, it would definitely be a good treasure for his grand & great-grand children to know the struggles through which their parents were brought up. I wish either my grandpa had done something similar or one of us should have spent more time with him to note down his account of life. If reading those pages gave a good account of life few decades ago, what made it all the more interesting was the manner in which he had described some of the incidents remembering the date, time, his SSLC registration number, grades, names of his school teachers, school day friends etc.

Inspired by the above, I tried to recollect the names of my school teachers. Thankfully I am able to remember all of them. If I were to write an autobiography at some stage, I think I would miserably fail in getting the names right. I would rather make note of them now.

Trainings, Examinations et al

Once you get past the school (and to some extent college) days, one’s ability to sit for hours in a training session or an examination diminishes considerably. May be it has got to do with age. I admire at people who willfully submit themselves to academic formalities at the age of 50 and beyond.

Recently I attended a corporate training session on leadership for 4 days and although that programme included lot of group activities and exercises, which were all the more interesting, most of the participants were looking forward to the end of fourth day by the beginning of third day itself. At least, that training had nothing at stake. A certification examination, which I signed up for, was all the more grueling. That too, a four-hour exam with no scheduled break was a bit too much for me to handle. However, at stake was months of hard work, lot of money and my reputation (the last one is a lie though and you know it!). While I was half way through, I thought that this would be the last examination I would sign up to. But, I know this is more like the resolution of a lady in labor not wanting to bear any more children.

Tube Derailment in London

Don’t know what the connection is between Renga (Dubukku) and the tube incidents. If he was there right behind the ‘bomb train’ on 7/7 two years back, he was present in the very train that has got involved in the tube derailment incident today. He is very much safe and has just emerged out of the tube station. Just talking to him as I type. Watch out for his post sometime / somedays later in his blog. If you want a juicy update, you may read Junior Vikatan after few days.