Mistaken Identity

When more than one person stopped me and my colleague at Tesco supermarket and asked us for directions within the shop, we found that weird. One guy even called me authoritatively and asked ‘heyy… Where can I find &**&&*&’ for which I gave a cold stare. It was then I realised that I was wearing a blue checked shirt and navy blue trousers which is the uniform for Tesco staff. No wonder most people there thought me to be a staff.

Press Release

I won’t be surprised if there had been a press release like the one below.

எனà¯? தலைமையிலான அனைதà¯?திநà¯?திய அணà¯?ணா திராவிட à®®à¯?னà¯?னேறà¯?றகà¯? கழகமà¯? ஆடà¯?சியிலà¯? இரà¯?நà¯?த பொழà¯?தà¯? உலக கோபà¯?பை கிரிகà¯?கெடà¯? போடà¯?டியிலà¯? இநà¯?தியா இறà¯?தி சà¯?à®±à¯?à®±à¯? வரை செனà¯?றதà¯?. இபà¯?பொழà¯?தà¯? தி.à®®à¯?.க ஆடà¯?சியிலà¯? உலக கோபà¯?பையினà¯? à®®à¯?தலà¯? சà¯?à®±à¯?றிலேயே இநà¯?தியா வெளியேறி விடà¯?டதà¯?. இதறà¯?கà¯? தாரà¯?மீக பொறà¯?பà¯?பேறà¯?à®±à¯? கரà¯?ணாநிதி பதவி விலக வேணà¯?டà¯?à®®à¯?. – ஜெ. ஜெயலலிதா.

Twenty plus years ago…

Talking about the schooling days, for some reason we were fascinated by the micro tip pen, which we used to refer as Oosi penaa. It was out of bounds for many of us probably because it was quite expensive compared to the ordinary fountain pens or may be the teachers/parents don’t like it or something. Our yearning for the pen only increased when the privileged few who had those would spin stories as if one had to climb mountains to fetch that pen.

It so happened that one day I noticed those pens being sold at a road side shop and I made a mental note of that. When I disclosed my discovery to my fellow mates, we resolved to buy those from the same shop when we got big irrespective of where we are. I don’t get the logic behind this, as all we needed was the pen and the shop shouldn’t have mattered. But, anyway as 8-9 year olds we hardly bothered about logic. Funniest thing was that we made note of the shop’s location in our notebooks. Years later, I remember preserving the notebook that contained the words ‘Oosi Penaaa – Available at platform shop near Gandhi Park, Kumbakonam. In front of Muncipality public convenience’. I have used several micro tip pens, but whenever I use one I am reminded of the above and that obviously brings up a smile. 🙂

Stressful Routine

Life becomes stressful and boring when your daily activities suddenly increases manifold and you hardly have time for anything else. Having worked without a blink for the past few weeks including weekends, mind really longs to get out of the place without the laptop in sight. I have taken a day off from work today and am not planning to do anything. Just want to be at home and relax. A day just for myself.

Chappell’s Words

Normally I don’t post the e-mail forwards in my blog, but couldn’t resist this one. Apologies to those who don’t understand Tamil.

Greg Chappell to Indian Cricket Team:

Appaa pasangalaa ozhungaa vilayaadungadaa!
Bob Woolmer kanavula vandhu, ‘Sani ponam thaniya pogaathu. Neeyum kooda vaa’ nu koopudaraan!

Rediff Messageboards

I don’t get the idea behind Rediff‘s message boards. Every now and then they open up a message board and our people rush there with all enthusiasm to write crap. One should see those messages to see the level of maturity our people display. Last week when India lost to Bangladesh, Rediff opened one such forum and the messages were a class apart. It started with folks blaming the player’s endorsement commitments and slowly went onto become a war between the supporters of Dravid vs Ganguly. Casteist remarks were also attributed on some. But the gem among the message was the one that suggested amputating Sehwag’s privates. Way to go people!


One of the totally unpredictable things in UK apart from an English man’s mood is the weather.

After few weeks of relatively nice weather when the mercury hovered around 13 degree C, it has dived back to 4 degrees now. Early yesterday morning, it even snowed a bit, but the sun melted everything away by 9ish. In the evening, when I was about to start from the office, there was brilliant sunshine. As I was walking towards the car park, there were flakes of snow and the pace at which it fell increased like anything in the next few minutes. When I drove out of office, there were hailstorms. Visibility became very poor coz of heavy rain and by the time I reached home rain and hailstorms stopped. The sky was as clear like anything and the sun was back. All of the above, in a matter of 30 minutes.

Management Theory

Manager: If something goes wrong with this project, you will be held responsible.

Team Lead: But, you are the project manager. I am just a coordinator.

M: True. But remember, sh*t always flows downhill.

TL: Good theory. But doesn’t some of them get stuck at the top as well?

M: Oh yeah. I make it a point to wash it down.

Note: I was neither the M, nor the TL in the above conversation. Peace.

Makkal TV

I heard about this Makkal TV started by our woodcutter’s party few months ago. When I asked how good/bad the channel is, none of my folks or friends had any clue as they don’t seem to watch it. Any idea how that channel is doing? Are they relying on film based programmes like other Tamil channels? In short, do they practise what they preach? Does ‘Chinna Ayya’ Anbumani or the woodcutter himself occupy the screens in Makkal like how Dayanidhi does in Sun?