It is 4:30 am now and it is snowing outside. When it snowed previous time about 2 weeks back, I learnt that it is customary for most Indian bloggers in UK to put up a picture of the view they get to see from their window. I am just waiting for the sky to brighten up a bit so that I can complete the ritual.

UPDATE: Here are the photos. Wish I had carried my camera to work. It was quite a sight on the way.

Note: Photo hosted in Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. Man..It is snowing more in UK than in Swiss. Its a major dissapointment in swiss this time. Only once did it snow for 2 continous days the whole of this winter so far.

  2. Vasanth – hope you saw the pics.

    Venkat – What to say.. when we visited Swiss few yrs back, it was snowing heavily and that was in April. 🙂

    Me – No sir. I woke up 30 mins before that. I work on 2 different time zones.

    The Normal Self – thnks for linking.

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