Best Teacher Award

My friend’s dad, who was a Principal in one of the Matriculation Schools in Chennai has been awarded the ‘National Award for the Best Teacher of the year (2005)’. He was the only principal selected among the 3500 Matriculation schools in Tamil Nadu. It is equivalent to ‘Bharat Ratna’ in his profession. What a honour that was. When my friend sent me this photo of him receiving the award from our President on the Teacher’s day (5th September), I couldn’t help feeling proud of having met and interacted with him. Hats off to you Sir!

Note: Photo hosted in Flickr.

Here is the link to the relevant news item that appeared in News Today earlier this month.


Inspired by Anirud, I have also signed up for swimming lessons. Best part was the timing of the classes – it starts at 8:15 pm and lasts for 30 minutes, which suits me perfectly. The first lesson wasn’t very encouraging as I struggled to float on water. Let me see how it goes.

Lollipop Ladies

The schools have reopened after summer holidays in Britain and it takes an extra bit of time to reach work in the mornings. On my way to work, I have to go past 2-4 schools depending on the route I drive. Children seem to enjoy going to school in this country. I can’t remember myself going to school that very happily at that age. Not just the kids, the lollipop ladies seem to be very cheerful as well. It is nice to start the day with those smiling faces.

Comign to Lollipop ladies, when I first heard this term, I thought this was some joke. But this term has more or less become official that these Brits take pride in this ‘very English’ term. They are the ones who man (woman) the road near the schools and help children cross the road safely. They are called so coz they have a STOP sign that resembles a huge lollipop.

Heli Coverage

Agreed that the controversy regarding Tony’s leaving date is a big enough event to be covered by the media. Placing as many journalists possible near every possible news source does make sense and is very important for the respective TV channels. But, what beats me is the coverage of Downing Street from the helicopters for several hours by BBC and Sky News (among those channels I got to watch) when the next expected action on the issue was Tony’s press conference ‘inside’ his house and not on the terrace.

Mobile Signals

All these days, it was annoying when my mobile wouldn’t pick up any signals at work place. I was very hesitant to give out my work number to all and sundry, as a result I had to listen to at least few voice mails in the evening. Mobiles belonging to only one particular network were catching up signals at work. Due to some other reasons, I wasn’t willing to change the provider as well. However, things have changed for the better since last week. I think the mobile provider must have put up a mast somewhere nearby that I am able to use my mobile normally. Phew.. what a relief!

Going Green

We have taken a conscious decision to avoid using poly bags as much as possible. We have bought couple of bags made using recycled materials and are planning to carry them whenever we step out for shopping. Our small bit of effort towards going green. Let us see how consistent we are in this.

On the work front, our company has given us guidelines on avoiding unnecessary printing, using both sides of the paper for printing etc.