Heat Wave, Blogging, Indian Embassy etc

  • In the six years of my stay in UK, I have never felt the heat like this year. At around 34/35 deg C, it may not appear so hot on paper/screen, but it is so on the skin.
  • For the last few weeks, I am either on road or living at office. I was waiting to settle down to restart my blogging, but it looks like there is no such thing like settling down. So, here I begin.
  • Went to the Indian Embassy in London to apply for a new passport. Didn’t have any trouble with their service levels, but couldn’t help notice certain things..
  • – They have got a good real estate at a good location in London. But, why wouldn’t they keep their premises tidy? Should we welcome the potential visitors to India with torn carpets and overflowing bins?

    – Why can’t they have a facility where we can talk with a member of staff? Not all the information is available in the pre-recorded message.

    – Why can’t they instruct the security/man at the door not to expect every one, especially ‘foreign’ looking men to know Hindi?

    – Why do our people who are disciplined enough to form queues in the bus stop right in front of the embassy, never bother to queue up inside?

    5 thoughts on “Heat Wave, Blogging, Indian Embassy etc”

    1. Hi

      I too am struggling a bit with the heat wave and to think I will be going to Chennai shortly 🙁

      As for things Indian, ‘we are like this only’ 🙂


    2. I guess it has to do with the Babudome culture that goes with the turf. The dumbos posted in the embassies in London, Washington etc. come to treat that as a plum assignment where they are not required to do much work.

      I did notice the same attitude and scene when I went to get my passport renewed in Washington DC.

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