There was a time last year when most part of my time went with blogs. Either reading/commenting them or writing them. Though it was very interesting and got me lot of good, new friends, I felt bad at times. I yearned to be busy, so that I didn’t have the sense of guilt any more. Well.. that is how I am now. Though I miss out on the huge list of blogs in my blogroll as I hardly get 10 minutes a day to read, write & comment, I don’t feel guilty anymore. I am busy as ever these days and I am travelling a lot too. Also, I have started talking in terms of Motorways, Junctions, exits etc. Would soon find a way to keep these pages alive somehow.


One of the adverts in CITV for one of their talk shows goes on like this. A prisoner serving death sentence would be woken up and taken to the gallows. When asked about his last wish, he would want to make a call to the talk show. Not just the prisoner, every one present there – the doctor, police men etc would make a call to the chat show and would be happily laughing.

When ever the above ad gets aired, I could only puke at the creativity of the ad director. For some reason, I couldn’t help getting irritated and most of the time I reach out for the remote to switch channels. But the worst part is, this advert seems to be Anirud‘s favourite one. Sigh!

Council Communications

Couple of weeks back we got a communication from our local council saying that the rubbish collection for our street would be made on Thursdays instead of Fridays. This change is due to staffing issues and hence would be a temporary one for about 3 weeks or so after which the normal schedule would resume. That communication also asked us to raise our objections, if any on the same. I wonder what kind of objection one may possibly have for this and why should the council waste money & paper for frivulous matter of this kind.

But then, you would never know what is important to whom. Few years back, when I first came into UK, I got a letter from the council asking whether it is fine with me if they change the bulb in the street lamps in our road at a particular time & day. The reason for such a letter was that one of the street lamps was right in front of our house and the person climbing up the lamp post for changing the bulb would have a good view of the first floor of the house if the curtains were not drawn. The council wanted to make sure that we are aware of the above and should it be inconvenient for the occupants of the house, they were happy to change the bulb at a different date. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Boys are Boys

Today morning, I saw 2-3 ten year olds dropping rubbish into a post box on our street. On seeing someone walk towards them, they quickly dropped the litter and ran away. Few years back, in Chennai I saw a couple of boys being given a sound thrashing by some people. I learnt that they were dropping fire crackers (bijili vedi) into the post box and were caught red handed. No wonder why some mails get lost. As they say ‘boys are boys’, where ever they are.


Me: What did you do during the long weekend?

He: Well.. We are building a conservatory behind my home and I had the plumbers come around to sort out some of the stuff. It was very difficult to catch the plumber as he was very busy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at home all the time when he was around as I had to excuse myself for a couple of hours to attend my daughter’s wedding.

Me: ????