Sangeetha Restaurant

Following the footsteps of Saravana Bhavan, Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant has opened shop at Kenton in London. Sangeetha Restaurant is not a household name like HSB in Chennai, so that factor makes it less crowded at its UK branch. The quality of food is nevertheless superb though they take ages to serve. Unlike HSB, Sangeetha hasn’t gone for the franchisee model, but instead they have chosen to do business directly. While HSB is located at East Ham & Wembley – the 2 Tamil dominated suburbs of London, Sangeetha is located at the Gujarati neighbourhood of Kenton. On seeing the menu card, the talk invariably involves Chennai Dosa – which has been a runway success in the recent years, thanks to its USP – low price. Whatever is their business model or USP, more the number of South Indian restaurants, the merrier it is. I am so tired of this Bangladeshi run Indian Tandooris.


I think the number 30 has got some psychological element attached with it, particularly when it denotes one’s age. Not only does it gives a feeling of getting a bit more older, it also rings in the reality hard into one’s head that you fall in the category whom the young boys call ‘perusu’ (oldie).

Out of no where dawns the fact that you are past your prime (of what?). Also comes up the fact that you are not what you were few years before. The words ‘middle age’ and ‘mid life’ suddenly start to make sense. Health & well being goes higher up in the priority and recklessness comes down a bit.

The ‘to do’ list appears very lengthy and there doesn’t seem to be time for anything. Memory fails you more often than before and you don’t feel comfortable when people query about your age. All this at a time when you do certain things with the thought that it is never too late for anything.

Well, ….I am not 30. Not just yet!


It feels good to commute to work in the car. Apart from the convenience, it makes economic sense too as I live reasonably close to work place. More than anything else, I travel in one of the scenic routes with esoteric green fields on both sides of the narrow but hilly road, a good part of which runs through the deep, dark woods. There is no better time than spring to enjoy the appeal of this nice, little town. Any amount of words wouldn’t do justice to the visual treat offered by the nature. No wonder this region has been classified and preserved as AONB – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Every morning I look forward to going to work for the simple reason of driving through the above route. But the trouble is, once I reach my office I look forward to getting back home – again for the same reason.

Image hosted at Flickr.

Above is the scene we get to see out of our window. As you could see, the top portion of what is known as White Hill is yellow and the rest of them are green. The yellow ones are the farms with some flowers. I am not sure whether those are Daffodils.

Medico Strikes

It is indeed disturbing to see the medicos clad in white coats getting beaten up like anything. As far as I heard, I don’t think they have damaged any public/private property or created any law & order problem to be beaten up like this. They went on a strike against reservation. Period.

I don’t support strikes of any form. Be it truckers, bankers, government employees or medicos. But I do support the cause. I would also like to join their chorus – ‘Arjun Singh Baghalabad… err.. Muradabad’.

Quotable Quote

Prannoy Roy: Mr. Finance Minister, do you think the populist announcement made by your alliance partner DMK to provide Colour Television sets is good for the economy?
P.Chidambaram: We do not yet know how they are going to fund it. Without knowing that, why are you terming it as a populist move?

Well, It seems that Chidambaram has been thinking all along that DMK is going to distribute Colour TVs out of their party funds.

Top 10

Top 10 excuses to say if JJ comes to power

10. அ.தி.à®®à¯?.க-வினரà¯? களà¯?ள வோடà¯?டà¯? போடà¯?டனரà¯?.
9. சà¯?ய உதவி கà¯?à®´à¯?கà¯?களை ஜெ தவறாக பயனà¯?படà¯?தà¯?தினாரà¯?.
8. தமிழனà¯? ஆரà¯?ய மாயையிலà¯? விழà¯?நà¯?தà¯? விடà¯?டானà¯?.
7. அரிதாரமà¯? பூசிய நடிக நடிகையரà¯? தமிழனை மயகà¯?கி விடà¯?டனரà¯?.
6. பணதà¯?தை நமà¯?பி பிணமானானà¯? தமிழனà¯?.
5. பிராமண பதà¯?திரிகà¯?கைகளினà¯? சூழà¯?சà¯?சி வலையிலà¯? விழà¯?நà¯?தானà¯? தமிழனà¯?.
4. இதà¯? தà¯?ரோகதà¯?தினà¯? வெறà¯?றி.
3. நானà¯? சூதà¯?திரனà¯? எனà¯?பதாலà¯? சதி செயà¯?தà¯? விடà¯?டனரà¯?.
2. காஙà¯?கிரஸà¯? கடà¯?சி à®®à¯?தà¯?கிலà¯? கà¯?தà¯?தி விடà¯?டதà¯?.
1. தமிழரà¯?களà¯? சோறà¯?றாலà¯? அடிதà¯?த பிணà¯?டஙà¯?களà¯?.

Top 10 excuses to say if Karunanidhi comes to power.

10. சனà¯? டி.வி-யினரà¯? பொயà¯? பிரசாரமà¯? செயà¯?தà¯?விடà¯?டனரà¯?.
9. தயாநிதி மாறனà¯? தேரà¯?தலà¯? ஆணையாளரà¯? நரேஷà¯? கà¯?பà¯?தா-வை மிரடà¯?டினாரà¯? – வைகோ.
8. பதà¯?திரிகà¯?கைகளà¯? அனைதà¯?தà¯?à®®à¯? எஙà¯?களà¯?கà¯?கà¯? எதிராக வேலை செயà¯?தன.
7. மினà¯?னணà¯? வாகà¯?கà¯?பà¯? பதிவà¯? இயநà¯?திரதà¯?தை அ.தி.à®®à¯?.க.-வினரà¯?கà¯?கà¯? எதிராக வேலை செயà¯?யà¯?மாறà¯? சதி செயà¯?தà¯? விடà¯?டாரà¯? ப.சிதமà¯?பரமà¯?.
6. கலாநிதி மாறனà¯? தேரà¯?தலà¯? ஆணையதà¯?தை விலை பேசியà¯?ளà¯?ளாரà¯? – வைகோ.
5. மகà¯?களà¯? அனைவரà¯?à®®à¯? à®?மாளிகளà¯?.
4. அ.தி.à®®à¯?.க. தோறà¯?கà¯?கவிலà¯?லை. கடà¯?சியினà¯? வாகà¯?கà¯? சதவீதமà¯? அதிகரிதà¯?தà¯?ளà¯?ளதà¯?.
3. பà¯?ரடà¯?சிதà¯? தலைவி கொடà¯?தà¯?த சà¯?னாமி மறà¯?à®±à¯?à®®à¯? வெளà¯?ள நிவாரண நிதியை தி.à®®à¯?.க- வினரà¯? அமà¯?கà¯?கி விடà¯?டனரà¯?.
2. ஜாதி வெறியை தூணà¯?டி வெறà¯?றி பெறà¯?à®±à¯?ளà¯?ளாரà¯? கரà¯?ணானிதி.
1. தரà¯?மதà¯?தினà¯? வாழà¯?வà¯? தனை சூதà¯? கவà¯?வà¯?à®®à¯?. தரà¯?மமà¯? மீணà¯?டà¯?à®®à¯? வெலà¯?லà¯?à®®à¯?.

Vote for Captain

Our dear Captain Vijayakanth would never forgive me if I don’t lend him a helping hand through this blog while he is busy at the campaign for the forthcoming polls.


For how many years you would keep voting either of the ‘Kazhagams’ to power and see them grow richer & richer. It is time to hand the baton to our Captain and see the third ‘kazhagam’ become rich. There should be equality, you see.

Haven’t you felt like taking early retirement and settle down in your native village? Our captain could sense your dreams. Just go vote for Captain and quit your job. He would give some money for being unemployed and also 15 kgs of rice & a milch cow. Wouldn’t that suffice to maintain yourself at your village?

I could see that there is a good support among bloggers for Lok Paritran. On behalf of our captain, let me challenge all the Lok Paritran supporters – could any of your candidates fight like our Captain for 20 minutes with both the feet in the air? Would any/all of your candidates face the ‘bakistan’ trained terrorists single handedly? Think for a minute, people!

Still not convinced? Then, consider this. If you vote Captain to power, he would stop acting in movies. Ah! Now I could see the smile on your face. Don’t forget. ‘Murasu’ is the symbol. Vote for DMDK.

Mega serials & News

Until last week, I had never watched any of the megaserials in the telly. At our home in Chennai, we didn’t subscribe to satellite television while I was there. Here in UK, we subscribed to Jaya TV (through CITV-UK) recently and for the first time I got the taste of what a megaserial is like. To start with, for a few days I watched Kalki & Kettimelam that are aired in subsequent 30 minute slots here. Crawling would be too quick a word to describe the pace of the story movement and every damn character is crying for some reason or other. Both of the above serials are relying on ‘thali’ sentiments and there are frequent adverts for ‘4-aavadhu mudichchu’ – again based on the same thali stuff. With just 2-3 days of viewing, I have had enough of it. No wonder mega serials are one of the most talked about & ridiculed topics in TN.

Of the few programmes I watch, the entertainment value from the above channel comes by watching the news. I don’t need to be explained about the origins/ownership of Jaya TV. But it is definitely humorous to watch the news. Perhaps, if we subscribe to Sun TV as well, their news would be a perfect complement.