At last, the sattirical Tamil political magazine ‘Thuglak‘ edited by inimitable Cho Ramasamy has gone online. Cho had his own apprehensions about technology and was refusing to make Thuglak available in the web. It is good that he has relented now. Yearly subscription costs 20 USD.


I would like to see Pramod Mahajan get back well & kicking at the earliest. Not that I am one of his big time fans. But, I do like those who do a real life fight back and from whatever I have observed, I feel that Pramod is one of the persons who would fight back & survive when you push him to the wall.

Down, but Not Out

Exactly at the same time when Pramod Mahajan was shot in Mumbai, the server on which this website was hosted chose to go down. With the help of folks at the hosting company and Dubukku (who recovered the posts from this site’s RSS feed), I managed to put back all the posts, but those comments which were made between 13th April & 23rd April would be missing forever. Thanks very much for your kind enquiries in the meanwhile.

For a few hours this morning, when I was very close to losing this blog, I was thinking about alternatives that included going back to India and vote for our dear Captain so that we all could enjoy 15 kgs of free rice and a milch cow, that he has promised. But, God saved this blog & the rest is geography.


Exactly this day one year back, on a wednesday evening that I would remember for the rest of my life, Anirud was born and life was never the same again. 365 days have gone past in a whiff and Anirud is doing much more than I could capture in words here. It feels good to read this post & the comments, which I put up soon after hearing the news of his birth.

Presenting a new look

Ever since I moved to WordPress last year, I wanted to have a template that could be used for this blog as well as my main site. As my design skills are as good as English Murasoli’s neutrality, I decided to outsource the job. After careful scrutiny of applicants who volunteered to be bestowed with the honour of designing this site, an expert dabbler was selected for the job. Oh! What a disappointment he turned out to be. He was lazy, arrogant, unhelpful, rude and what not. None of his designs were any where near the basic standard. He took such a long time to come up with a simple design that I lost patience and designed this on my own.

Well… folks! This is supposed to be a zoke. I have a feeling that due to my poor sense of humour, this might be considered to be true and PK misunderstood. To be honest, it was PK who did all the work related to redesign. When I requested for a design template, I didn’t expect him to come up with one the same night. Neither did I expect him to keep on making tiny, little changes on his own until he was satisfied. Add to that my nagging queries I am certain that he would have regretted the day he agreed to help me. He got the entire stuff ready in a matter of few days and that was in November last year. What surprised me was that he even thought of something even when he was not in station and mailed about that as well. Though he offered to help me in bringing the entire site in the same format, I decided to take over that part of the work but till date I could never complete the job. But for my articles, which I haven’t managed to turn into the current format, this site is almost done. Even while switching to the new template yesterday, I ran into problems and PK lent his helping hand. Thanks a ton to you dude. The previous design was done by my friend Harikumar, who is now in South Africa chasing up wild animals. Thanks to him too.

Please let me have your views on the new template. If you don’t like the design – do tell me and I’ll promptly bash up PK, abuse him with choicest few words and what not. If you like it very much, I am sure you know how to appreciate my project management (?!) skills.

At last, I have cleared the driving test! Phew… what a relief!! Now, I can continue to drive on the roads without any sense of guilt.