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Recent riots in France & Sydney, leaves me wondering how safe are we, where ever we are. As societies are becoming more and more multi-cultural, how good would the tolerance levels be? Apart from staying away from the trouble, what else could one do if, god forbid, such situations come up?

Tsunami, Baaz, Fanoos, Floods, Stampede – it has been a very rough 12 months for Tamil Nadu. Hope the next 12 would be much better.

Alright.. Saurav Ganguly has been dropped from the team. Whether it is right or wrong is a subject of a never-ending debate. But is it an issue that has to be discussed in the Parliament? After all, this is not the first time that a player has been treated this way. It happens every few years. Strange are the ways of the people from that part of India.

Lack of motivation to write, despite having lots to rant about. Am I gonna let this blog die a slow death?

Oil Depot Blast in UK

When I heard a huge bang at 6 in the morning, I told my wife that weather is getting worse as I heard a loud thunder. My window rattled a bit, but that was it. Only after hearing from my folks in India enquiring about our safety, we got to know about the blasts in the oil depot at Hemel Hempstead – which is just about 8 miles from where we live. All known friends safe, especially bloggers – Premalatha, Radhika & Praveen, who live in Hemel Hempstead. Sky is pitch dark now with fumes as I type.

Heard from my folks in India that Sun TV had reported about a “serial bomb blasts near London”.

Vegetarian Chicken

Since when chicken curry became vegetarian? When I saw the familiar sign “Suitable for Vegetarians” on Sainsbury’s Noodles – Chicken Curry flavour, I thought it was a mistake. But among the ingredients, I saw one ‘Chicken Curry (Vegetarian)’. I am sure that it is not a mistake. But then, what could that be? May be its the chicken that ate only vegetarian food?

Google god brings out lot of results for “vegetarian chicken“, but I am yet to check them.


I used to my debit card (yeah.. yeah.. its a Citibank debit card) to draw some money from the cash machine. But the cash machine had run out of cash and cancelled the transaction. When I tried to do the same from another cash machine, I was informed that I have exceeded my daily limit. When I got in touch with the bank, they informed me that the authorisation for the first transaction had gone through and since it happened to be a weekend, it would get reversed only on Monday evening. Since I insisted that I need the money urgently, they told me to draw the cash from my credit card and the bank would bear the interest. Needless to repeat the title of this post. 😛

Fight against terror.. err.. spam

At last I (think) I have won this round against the spammers.

Couple of months back, I got a mail from my hosting company that my site has exceeded the 1 GB bandwidth allowance. Since the reader count for this blog was on the rise at that time, I didn’t give a big deal to that message. Once I even wondered aloud whether 500+ visitors a day were indeed real. When I checked the web stats, surprisingly I found that my webstat page itself had been accessed few hundred times. Also, there were quite a few referrals from who else – drug sellers. Though I check the statistics from time to time (perhaps once a week or so), there is no way that I could have accessed that page that many times. It was then I heard about Referrer Spam. Know more about it here. Now, I have password protected the webstat page. When they find that there is no point in visiting my site, they wouldn’t and thus I hope to keep those morons from eating up my precious bandwidth.

Next is the 8000 spam mails a day, I talked about recently. When I set up this website, I had configured it in such a way that when you send a mail to any address in (ex:, instead of bouncing it would get forwarded to my Yahoo! mail id. Due to the above referral spamming, there were quite a lot of mails to the e-mail ids in my domain and all were being promptly forwarded to Yahoo. Suddenly the number swelled one day and Yahoo started redirecting them all to my Bulk folders. Now, I have made all the junk mails bounce from my domain. Wonder what the spammers would come up with next.

To cut out the crap, these days I get far less number of spam than I have been getting a week before. Peace.