Posting from Mumbai

After an eventless, peaceful flight from London Heathrow to Mumbai, I am stuck here at the airport as flights are delayed due to heavy rains.

Jet Airways is simply superb. Of the 7 trips I have made to India from UK, this is the cheapest fare I have ever paid and the best flight experience I have ever had. Would strongly vouch for Jet.

Wonder why one need to collect the baggages at the transit point (Mumbai) and check in again in the same hall for the onward journey. I have plenty of time at my disposal and hence no problems for me. But it was sorry sight to see a guy miss his flight to Bangalore because of this circus. Was heartening to hear him abuse the staff with the choicest words. 🙂

Had I known that I am gonna be here in Mumbai for this long, I would have collected the phone numbers of some Mumbai friends.

Fountain Pen

I am not sure how many people relish using a fountain pen these days. I, for one, am such a person. I (re)started using one few months ago, after my better half got me a Parker Fountain Pen for my birthday and I found it a sheer joy using what we used to call ‘ink pen’. Sad thing is that these days, I seldom get to write anything and as a result, my handwriting has deteriorated considerably. Now, I make it a point to write at least few lines of crap just to relive the good old school days when we used to return home with fingers painted blue.

Meeting TJ & Arjuna

It was a pleasure meeting fellow bloggers – Arjuna & TJ on Saturday. Both these London based guys couldn’t make it to the Blogger’s Meet last month and we decided to catch up over the weekend at my place. Seems that TJ got bowled over by the picturesque village of Chesham & its neighbourhood.

I have a feeling that I have met TJ somewhere before. Given that our houses were just about couple of kms apart at Trichy, we might have bumped against one another in the past. It was a mega-chat session from 3:30 pm until about 11 pm, with a short break for dinner. In general, we were talking about – movies, sports, consultants, waste of time, infosys, UK life, college, work, how we successfully kill time at work, influence of other bloggers, figures, future, people who don’t bother to comment, people who don’t bother to respond to our comments, why female bloggers attract more comments, profile photographs, ilayaraja, rahman, super star, sullan star, aishwarya, simbhu, thala, malai, naidu hall, chennai dosa, 7/7, Ph.D., MBA, MS, ragging, iyengar veetu azhagus, cars, pakistan, how to manage women, united states, trichy, rock fort, jihad, tughlak, politics, quiz, ramco, aberdeen, research, srilanka, online romance etc among other things.

Arjuna – the spiritualist, could not come to terms with how the lesser mortals like TJ & I, could talk of mundane things like the above and preferred to click photographs instead. Contrary to how he is on the blog, he was quite a bit silent. Perhaps, it may be coz his mind wasn’t here.

To sum it up, it was a fab weekend!

Eco Consciousness

People in this part of the country are more environment conscious than I have seen elsewhere. In our office, they don’t shred the papers but send it for recycling. The best part is the way they handle the internal communication. As a big organisation, we have so many offices in the area and not all communications could be handled electronically. As a policy, we use only the used envelopes for sending anything to anyone within the organisation.

Chiltern District Council has provided every household with boxes exclusively for dumping all paper wastages – including newspapers, spam etc. Plastics & Bottles are collected separately apart from the other household rubbish. Now, they are trying out collecting kitchen waste in some areas and constantly doing something or other on this front. Even in little shops, they don’t provide us with carry bags unless it is absolutely necessary and many times they use old bags, if the customers are okay with it. I am impressed. Inspired by all this, after moving to Chesham I always make it a point to take the old carry bags for shopping. I am planning to get a couple of cloth bags (‘jolna pai’) from India for this purpose. My bit towards the environment.

Couple of years back, in India there was an idea suggested by a professor in Madurai to cut the polythene wastes into smaller bits, mix it with tar and use it in laying of roads. He was saying that the quality of the roads improved a lot by this way and also it is a safe way of disposing that stuff. I think he even managed to demonstrate the idea to Dr. Abdul Kalam and I remember that the idea was experimented by Corporation of Chennai. Any idea whether that was put into practice on a regular basis?

Off the topic, Credit goes to Keerthi for the image in the sidebar pointing to ‘Life in UK’ website.

UPDATE: Just googled on the plastic roads funda and found some interesting news. You can find it here, here, here & here.


On the last day of the Oval Test between England & Australia.. My colleague – lets call him A, approaches me and says..

Chakra, are you following the scores mate? How are we doing?

“Yeah.. I am. England had scored 220+.. Its gonna be a draw and Ashes is for England, for a change.”

Really? Wouldn’t Australia need to bat again and chase whatever we score

“There is not enough time mate.. today is the last day and we have a lil’ more than an hour left in the game.. Aussies wouldn’t have a chance to bat, let alone chase & win the game”

Why didn’t England declare their innings and give the Kangaroos a chance to bat?

“If they do that, Michael Vaughan would probably be torched alive. Give Aussies half a chance and they would bounce back into the game.”

But this appears totally unfair. We don’t give them an opportunity to chase our score. They aren’t responsible for the rain, right? Shouldn’t there be some extra time or something like that? If what you say is right and we win the game, I am not happy.. this is unfair.

Next day..

A says, “I just learnt that we won the Ashes last evening”.

“What? The entire country is celebrating and you ‘learnt’ about it? What kind of specimen you are?”

With a sheepish grin he says, “I never understood this game in the first place. Never in my life have I seen so much attention given to a cricketing event.

At this point, another colleague – B, who is a cricket enthusiast joins the conversation and we all walk towards the canteen, where there is a big screen telly showing the live telecast of the victory parade at Trafalgar Square.

B says, “Look at Freddie.. he is da man.. is that his baby? what a cutie pie”

A says, “Is he a big star?

“Flintoff is the man of the series.. he played amazingly well and deserves the attention he gets…”

B says, “he has turned out to be a great all rounder..

The turnout was maddening.. some 30,000 people lining up the streets of Central London and by the look of it, it is clear that the Capital has come to a standstill due to the parade.

A is in awe about the proceeding.. “Is Australia that big a team to beat? Winning against them after 18 years must be really something.. how about India? Have you guys managed to beat Aussies like this?

“C’mon A.. we do it year after year.. though we lost against them last year, we have been beating them to pulp as long as I could remember… only that we end up losing badly when we visit them.”

So, is England now the best team in the world or what?

B interjects, “we are nearly getting there.. we are gonna tour Pakistan & India this winter. If we manage to do well there, we’ll be on top”.

but Vaughan says that we are the best or something… is he just boasting?

“Forget abt Vaughan… any English player would say that even if you lose.. you guys would never get tired of praising yourself”

B got a bit furious “we are gonna win the World cup in 2007 and you’ll have to eat humble pie dude. England are the firm favourites along with India & Pakistan.”

“You don’t have to be polite.. with their current form in one dayers, India is not a favourite.. but then, you never know what’ll happen in 2007.. 2 more years to go.”

“Thats good for England then… we have eliminated Australia, India’s form is not good… so we just have to beat Pakistan to win the World Cup”

“This is so typical of you guys. I don’t think England can win the World Cup any day, leave alone 2007.. Moreover, you are peaking a bit too early.”

“Did you see the Australian Tourism advert today”

“nope.. What was that?”

“A half-page ad with the photograph of English Cricket team and the caption goes – ‘Only visitors who are not welcome to Australia’ – a timely one.”

TV shows images of English team met by Tony Blair at Downing Street.

B said, “I wish Steven Waugh had been the captain of the losing Australian side.. i wd love to see England beat his team.”

A asked, “Whos that?

“He is a former Aussie captain.. predecessor of Ricky Ponting.. a legend”.

I wish I had followed cricket from earlier on..

“Even then, you wouldn’t have understood a thing.. Football is good for you A.”

P.S: This is my 100-th post in this blog and 532-nd overall!

Height of Heights

Read this article in The Nation – Pakistan’s leading daily.

The length of the article and the poor layout may put you off. So, let me point you to where I want you to look at.

“Bombs were placed in a same type of plastic food containers and carried in backpacks. These containers were manufactured in India and then exported to UK.”

If by chance you read the article fully, you would know that the author says that India is involved in July attacks on London because the plastic food containers, in which bombs were packed, were made in India. My friend who sent this link asks, “How about China coz the jeans worn by those terrorists were made there!”

I simply bow my head at the author’s wisdom! 😉

Googling the URL

Despite the fact that Google has become an integral part of the Internet surfing community, I find it weird for people to enter the URL of a site in Google’s search box and then reach the site concerned. If they know the URL, why wouldn’t they type the URL in the address bar of the browser? I found it odd when my site stats used to show that people reach my site that way. I found it odder(!!!) when Rules Ramanujam did the same for reaching Well, as for as Google is concerned, the extra load of unnecessary traffic would be peanuts.