Blogger’s Meet in London – Update

What a joy! What a joy!! What a great feeling it was to meet so many fantastic people at one place.

Indian Blogger’s Meet in London that was attended by was attended by Anand K, Anand V, Chakra, Guru, Jag, Praveen, Neha, Radhika, Renga, Subhashree & 18-month old Sriram on Sunday, 28th July 2005 happened to be a thoroughly enjoyable moment for all of us here.

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Indian Blogger's Meet in London

Left (Front to Rear): Radhika, Renga, Neha, Anand K (with long hair), Subhashree, Sriram.
Right (Front to Rear): Anand V, Chakra, Jag, Guru
Photo clicked by: Praveen

Indian Blogger's Meet in London

L to R: Guru, Anand K, Jag, Praveen, Renga, Chakra, Subhashree, Radhika.
Guy not showing his pretty face: Sriram
Photo clicked by: Anand V

I have met all the people barring Neha individually beforehand, but for the rest of them it was a meeting of total strangers. Yet, as a group we hit off very well right from the start and there wasn’t a bit of formal air anywhere. It was interesting to put a face & voice to the words you read almost every day. How else could the world have known what a character Praveen is and how difficult it is for Radhika to put up with him everyday. πŸ˜‰

We all met at Sagar in Hammersmith (some VIPs were late, never mind) and to say the least, the food was really great! More than the food, the time we had together – talking topics of common interest, pulling each other’s legs was simply interesting. From the initial lukewarm response I got from the people, I never really thought that we would end up chatting at the restaurant for more than 3 hours. Later, we walked to nearby Ravenscourt Park and had an hour of chat. The fact that Renga, Guru & Subhashree weren’t able to find the Tube station on the way back despite being given proper directions could be put down to excitement of the event.

Since I, along with few others were late for the meet (didn’t I say that some VIPs were late?), they made me pay the bill – giving a different meaning to ‘dutch’. Well, thats a small price to pay for meeting these guys! πŸ˜‰ As I type this at 2 am, I am munching a bite from the Chewda Mix that Jag got for all of us.

My special thanks to ‘Sambhar Mafia’ Kaps for introducing many UK based Indian bloggers and to many others who enquired through mail & SMS about the meet. Thank you guys for making it a day to remember.

Important: I heard that bloggers who attended the meet are consipiring to tarnish my reputation(?!) by claiming that I didn’t pick up the tab. They might even go to the extent of saying that they all contributed some Β£14 each. I could only wonder how they arrive at those imaginary figures, but I tell you, these guys are really good at spreading such blatant lies. In case they do, I am sure you know whom to believe.

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  1. Bah Looks like you all had a good time :(( I would like to thank you on behalf of Capri and myself for not posting photographs of food πŸ™‚

  2. picture idhai vida perisa varuma click pannina :-))

    just kidding

    Epdiyo naan sonna madhri bill katteetinga πŸ™‚ prakaasamana edhir galam irukku chakra

    great to know that u all had a good time…
    I expect more bloggers meet to happen in london.

  3. Hey

    I was looking forward to your update on the blogger meet. Good to see that you guys hit it off. Pity I couldn’t make it. Perhaps next time?



  4. Nice to see that everyone had a ball of a time at your cost!! That apart, great opportunity for all you guys to meet up and share your thoughts. Make it a regular feature and enjoy yourself.

  5. Chakra and Venky – My sincere apologies..I sent a mail to chakra as well..I ended up with some very important work here..and culdnt go the meeting :(…Hope Chakra is not angry with me..I will try meeting Chakra within the forthcoming weeks..Chakra – once again sorry for not coming..

  6. To all the poor souls who believed chakra – We paid the bill the real dutch way as stated in the “important” note. Chakra cautiously didn’t bring any money and we contributed Β£2 per head extra to compensate his share.
    Moral of the story – Moderate blog meet for “Osi choru” πŸ™‚

  7. Dubukku, sollade irukka mudila…..konjam weight pottutta maadhiri irukku andha 2nd photova paatha:) Vootukaaramma irukka edathukku saapadu kondandhu kudukuradhukaana effect-aa idhu? πŸ™‚ ille photo angle-aa?

  8. Kaps

    > Can’t believe that the group forced you to pick up the tab

    – Even the guys who attended the meet yesterday couldn’t believe it.

    Ram.C – a fun-filled day after a long, long time.. felt like being taken back to college days.

    Subha – indeed it was! πŸ™‚

    Venky – Picture courtesy – Twin Gemini Anand. Arjuna didn’t turn up. He turned his back. πŸ™‚

    Eswar– yeah… youngest indian blogger… πŸ˜‰ did you check out his blog.

    WA – oh c’mon… food fotos are yet to come. it’ll surely be here. otherwise, i may even send it to you.


    > U paid the bill???….Nice one UK bloggers! – One day you’ll pay for this. πŸ˜‰

    PK – thanks for pointing out the pic alignment.. hope it looks alright now.
    Though we didn’t discuss abt the next meet, i think it wd be a good idea to have it once every 3-4 months.

    Sriram – True.. now, i hav the confidence that the following meets wd be successful as well.

    Ammani – Its a pity that you couldn’t make it. Hope to meet you next time.

    Harikumar – do check out the other blogs Hari.. am sure the respective bloggers wd post the pics. In fact, i didn’t even take the camera along. πŸ™‚

    Vasanth – Certainly. It was a great time to meet some excellent ppl and exchange our thoughts. We should make it a regular feature.

    Arjuna – its okay.. no probs.

    PK – no podhu kuzhu… According to our party’s constitution Organiser’s decision is final and binding!

    Dubukku – Try as much you can mate.. Truth alone triumphs! πŸ˜‰

    WA – :))

    > Haiyo now I feel guilty for my above comment and there is no way to delete it πŸ™

    – theriyaama inga comment pannitta kooda naanga vida maatomla.. πŸ™‚

    Nithya – you envying us? hmm… after seeing your blog trip pics, i was envying you!

    Arjuna – lets discuss this offline.

  9. Hey Chakra,
    While there is a mystery to anonymity and freedom to pen what u REALLY think, there is greater joy in meeting and knowing the people behind the writings are real! I am happy you guys had a wonderful time!

  10. adutha dhadavayum neengale organise pannunga…adhuvum naan ange irukum bodhu pannunga…oc saapadu saaptu konjam naal aachu πŸ˜› & plz…uma sollara maadiri no food ka fotos…:P

  11. Ramchi – True Ramchi… since we have been reading their writings almost regularly, the curiosity is all the more high to meet the ppl behind the words.

    CM – oc saapadukku edukku blog meet… veetukku vaanga!

    Archana – Will be glad if you make it next time. More the number, merrier it is.


    > Of course you paid the bill – Thanks very much for acknowledging this FACT, Neha.
    I was told that it is your turn next time. πŸ˜‰

  12. Nice pictures Chakra. Not only you but all of us sitting thousands of miles away have also been able to put a face to the blog that we read. Regarding the tab, if you did REALLY pick it up yourself, then I have one request – can you travel across the pond and come to our next DC bloggers meet and also pick up the tab (which in USD should definitely be more affordable to your GBP) πŸ™‚

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