Site Discovery

Wondering how your website would look like in a browser that you don’t normally use? You could have a look at it at, a very useful site to check the resolution & browser compatibilities of the websites. Its trial version is valid only for 10 hours, but then you can always create a new account with a new e-mail address. You have always got Mailinator for that purpose. Isn’t it?

Why wasn’t I blogging all these days?

Simple answer is mood swings. For the last 10 days, my mood swung from normal to happy to confused to worry to grumpy to sad to disappointment to excitement to anger to easy-life-is-like-that to happy to normal, not exactly in that order. Various personal & professional developments took place, many at one time. Some went ahead to the next stage, some of them created a temporary excitement before the bubble burst. Though there is nothing very personal about them, due to various reasons, this is not the right time to write about them all. But someday, I will.

Now that I am back to normal, I would continue to ramble, hopefully regularly.

P.S: Venkat, I am not floating. But, on my day, I was. 🙂

Another 11th has arrived. It was one year ago today that I married Charu. That was on a Wednesday at Srirangam in India. It was a great year and undoubtedly the best thing to have happened to me so far. We’ll have a quiet celebration probably at one of our favourite restaurants tonight.

Days off

Our company’s holiday calendar works from July to June and I have 4.5 days of hols to be taken before the end of June. I thought that it is possible to carry them over so that I could avail the same during my trip to India later this year. But I have been refused saying that it is against our company’s policy(!?). Hence a day off here & there.. yesterday was one such day and tomorrow is another.

Kargil War 1999

It happened five years back but it is still etched on my memory and it will continue to be so for long. It was the first war involving India after I started seeing the world beyond my mom, dad & curd rice. I did my tiny (very, very tiny) bit by beseeching my colleagues to spare some money & thoughts for the families of the war heroes (533 brave men) and handed over the same to the Army Headquarters – Southern Command in Chennai. But that didn’t spare me from the guilt that I had been indifferent to my country by not offering my services, rather by not even trying to offer my services to the armed forces but chose a career that offers airconditioned luxury. Sacrificing oneself for the nation – what a supreme sacrifice these young men made.

Five full years have rolled by and things have changed a lot for good. Thanks to these brave young men, the rest of the nation was able to carry on its business and as it went so, the men responsible for the nation’s wellbeing were forgotten. However, has brought out a special slide show in honour of Lt. Saurabh Khalia – one of the first men to lay down his life. He did it all at the age of 22, when he had full life in front of him. It is no doubt a lengthy one. Do go through it. In a small way, it is a tribute you could pay for the young soldier.