Its Official now! BJP & AIADMK have formed an alliance for the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Personally, I feel that BJP has more to lose by allying with Jaya due to the following reasons.

At the most, Jaya would give 5 or 6 seats to BJP in Tamilnadu and if all goes well for the BJP, it could win about 4 seats. This number is not going to make a big difference to its national tally. On the other hand, if BJP had decided to contest alone, at best it might have won 3 seats and at worst – none.

But the latter option would have served them well on many counts, more particularly it could save them lot of humiliation that Jaya is going to dish out in the coming days. But heck, which politician has cared for his self-esteem?

P.S: Apologies to those readers who aren’t interested or familiar with the colour & dirt of Indian politics.

Back from the land of Scots

Back to Bournemouth after spending 4 great days at Scotland. This is my second trip there and I just don’t have enough adjectives to describe the beauty of the place. Some key observations from the trip:

– Scots’ invariably hate the English.

– They are badly in need of heroes – apart from William Wallace in 13th century, no one seems to have done anything significant.

– Scots’ accent is much different (& difficult to follow) from those in the other parts of UK. ‘T’ is pronounced as ‘Th’, ‘d’ as ‘dh’ and ‘O’ as ‘Ooah’.

– Edinburgh’s public transport system is excellent. The local buses run at an unbelievable & enviable frequency.

– Many buildings in Edinburgh are more than 500 years old. The tour guide proudly proclaimed, “When America was being discovered, there already was a bustling city here.”

– A new building is being constructed in Edinburgh. What appeared like an office complex of a fairly decent size is going to be the New Scottish Parliament.

– At some place in Scotland, there is a tree which is more than 5000 years old and that is supposedly the oldest living thing in the earth. Sad thing is the tree that was quite big once upon a time has now been reduced to being a small one because the tourists broke the branches to keep them as souvenirs. Now they have erected a wall & a fence to keep those elements at bay.

Off to Scotland

It is a long time since we set out wandering and as we were looking for a good holiday package, Ryanair – UK’s famous low cost airlines offered a one way ticket to Glasgow in Scotland for 52 pence from Bournemouth. This might not be the best time of the year to visit Scotland, but we have decided to go for 4 days starting this evening and will be back home by Monday evening.


Does anyone reading this blog reads Vikatan over the Internet? (For those uninitiated, Vikatan is a highly popular, 75 year old Tamil magazine published from Chennai.) I have been a regular reader for so many years but unfortunately since the dawn of the new year, I notice that the site isn’t being updated as well as it used to be. More than anything else, I miss the juicy political gossips in Junior Vikatan, particularly at the time when the so-called ‘realignment’ is happening back home.


I have seen many people differ with me on this point. I really like being busy. With me working for an information service company, IT is not the core area of business but just a crucial support function (I guess, we in IT alone think it is crucial). So, it is a typical 9-5 routine here unlike my previous company where forgetting a place called home is quite natural. Thanks to my goofup with the timescales, all changed for a while last week and I happily went back to the good old days of slogging. Needless to say, I very much enjoyed it!

Many bloggers whom I read regularly and blog actively took a break at the same time as I did. Anand, Rajesh, Kumaraguru to name a few. On the otherhand it was great to see guys like Deepak come back from the wilderness.

I am back to the blogworld after the second longest break (the first one was when I was on holiday on account of my wedding) ever since I started blogging. I made a big goof up while drawing timescales for a project I was working on and had to race against time to salvage the situation. Work hasn’t got completed yet, but I have got some breathing space now. Not that the world stopped coz of this but I felt I missed something big. Got a lot to rant about and I think I would do that in the days to come.

This is what I intended to type this morning, but again, it seems that my miseries are not over. Work has piled up in heaps!


Its raining cats & dogs here in Bournemouth. Heavy winds suggested that a storm is gonna cross over. Weather made me lazy to start for work but I carried on since I had no other option. Even the sun felt lazy to come out, it seems. It is in this kind of setting I want to lie down relaxed on the living room sofa and watch an ODI cricket match in the telly, munching hot-hot capsicum bajjis. I have experienced that heavenly feeling many times before when it used to rain in Chennai.

Even as I was walking towards office drowned in nostalgic thoughts, something kept popping up bringing me back to the real world. It was nothing but my concern to save my week-old umbrella that was about to give up its life due to heavy winds.

Yesterday was wonderful! Just wonderful in many aspects – things went on well at work, was able to do what I intended to do, ate well, slept well, read a bit, relaxed a lot, India retained the Border-Gavaskar trophy, Indo-Pakistan peace overtures (though I am a bit sceptic about that, but still it felt good.. more on that later), was moving around with lot of confidence (what do they say? yeah.. with a spring in my foot) et al.

Is this what one calls a perfect day? After all, all we yearn is for a perfect day, isn’t it? Wish each day be like yesterday!