Sony Ericsson T610: It was a sort of belated Christmas gift I gifted myself when I replaced my Nokia 6310i with T610. Looks awesome with its built-in digital camera etc, but having been a Nokia man for the last couple of years, I still like Nokia for its ease of navigation. Guess it would take a while to get used to the new instrument.

Someone wants to have fun!

Creating an ID in Yahoo closely resembling mine, some one has been chatting with my friends over Yahoo messenger. It came to light when a friend with whom my wife was chatting with said “I am chatting with your husband too!”, when I was actually sitting next to her! I’d better warn my buddies that I am indeed the original guy and not to waste time with that jerk (and better waste their time with me) !

Festive mood has set in; as a result there is nothing-worthwhile going on at work. Group of people are playing Quake III (I tried my hand and was beaten black & blue several times before giving up), some are hearing blaring rock music and the whole place looks chaotic. I, for one want to do something constructive during this lull period (in terms of work) but couldn’t figure out what exactly to do.

Merry Christmas, anyways!

Thank you!

While I would like to be modest, let me be on my own and brag about it. I have been voted as the “Best Indian Male Blogger for 2003” at The Indiblog Awards, thus proving upsets are part of contests! Thanks for all those who voted, especially to that anonymous ‘moron’ who nominated me! Hearty Congrats to other winners!!


There is no point in having hi-fi technologies unless you make use of them properly. I was made to realise this hard way when I discovered that I had missed few important messages in my answering machine. I seldom find any messages in my answering machine and hence I don’t check that frequently. Mine is not the kind that alerts you to check the same when there is a message. Hopefully, today’s lesson would go down well in me and let me change the habit.

Filmy Week

I have been living quite unlike me for the last few days. In the last four days, I managed to watch about 11 movies and here is my take on some of them. Sorry about the language based content here.

Love Actually: When we (my wife & I) Saw this movie last Tuesday at Odeon in Tottenham Court Road – London, there were exactly 10 people in the 200 seat capacity cinema. Set almost in London, during the last few weeks preceding Christmas, this British comedy has about 8 unrelated stories leading up to a good climax on Christmas Eve. It was fun all the way and one of the very good movies I have watched in the recent times. Certainly would vouch for it. Its a shame that we had to leave the movie about 25 minutes to the end as we had a coach to catch.

Boys: Oh Boy! But for A R Rahman’s scores & BGM, this is a crap. Though I didn’t have very high regards for Shankar, though I enjoyed ‘Gentleman’, ‘Indian’, ‘Mudhalvan’ etc., certainly I didn’t expect a Shankar movie to be this low. Sujatha appears at ease with his ‘explicit’ dialogues that has come under fire from many quarters. Though there are scenes, which appear to cross the line, I don’t think the film deserved the amount of criticism it attracted (my wife strongly disagrees with me on this point, though). Certainly, it didn’t deserve to be a great hit as well.

Thiruda Thirudi: I hope I would attain ‘moksha’ sometime, as I have atlast seen ‘Manmadha Raasa’. At one point, I was afraid that some saint has cursed me in my previous life to spend my entire life without seeing the visuals of that song. Thank goodness, it was not to be. I got a bit nostalgic while watching this movie as it has been filmed at the very places in Trichy, where I spent the best part of my life during my college days. But, despite that, I just couldn’t understand what made this film a super-duper hit.

Pithamagan: This is one film that took me by storm. Three days after watching the movie, every character is staying in my mind and I think it would be so for many more weeks. Bala deserves a pat on his back for the way he has handled the screenplay. Had he given a bit more importance to Vikram’s character, the film would have inadervently turned into a documentary. I never thought Laila could act. The re-recording & BGM of Ilayaraja, refreshing voice of Yesudas, fab performance by Vikram & Surya made it bag the ‘Movie of Year’ award, albeit from me! 🙂 I am sure there are few awards waiting for ‘Pithamagan’ later.

Saddam, the prisoner

With my little understanding of human psychology, I always believed that Saddam Hussein, when cornered, would give up his life on his own than suffer the humiliation of being captured alive. I still couldn’t believe that the guy under the US captivity now is the “real” Saddam. The truth would never be out in this case, as those in play are the big, big bad boys!