Remembering Mahatma

It’s October 2 today and India would remember Mahatma this day every year by having a holiday. Wouldn’t it be a more fitting tribute to Gandhi if we go for work that day?

‘Kaakha Kaakha’

Got to see the Tamil movie ‘Kaakha Kaakha’ recently. Its quite a while since it got released, but sitting in a lil’ English town, I don’t expect myself to see all the Tamil movies the day after the release.

Back to the topic.. What a fantastic movie it is! I don’t remember the time when I last enjoyed watching a violent film. Given the ‘different’ plot of the movie, the violence could be perfectly justified. Surya, playing the role of an ‘encounter’ specialist has scaled new heights maintaining his tough, typical cop look throughout. Gowtham, who directed the not-so-impressive ‘Minnale’ two years back should be commended for not losing track in the middle, as is the case with most films these days. Probably he was a bit short in confidence that he went for an unnecessary Ramya Krishnan number.

Most films of this nature would end with a merry note for the hero & his gang. There would usually be a second heroine who would be a sacrificial lamb. But this one is different – the heroine dies (ohh.. our Jyothika! I dare not add the ‘darling’ suffix for obvious reasons!! People say she has lost weight. But it doesn’t seem so. Anyway, she is as lively as ever!! :-), hero’s friends die and the film is refreshingly realistic. The villain’s voice is a bit hollow and perhaps that is how the real villains would be without any stupid, stylish mannerisms. Harris Jayaraj has scored well but some of the tunes remind me of ‘Minnale’. All said and done, this is a violent one and might not suit the lighthearted.

More than the film itself, I was surprised at the timing of the movie – being released at a time when there are quite a few real time ‘encounters’ in Tamilnadu. If you have got bit more time, have a look at this article that appeared in Washington Post.

I have never done a movie review before. Just wanted to try that out once and here I did..