Followed the fantastic ball-by-ball commentary of the Indian innings at Gwalior against Aussies in Wisden Cricinfo. I have met the commentator Anand Vasu few years back when I visited the offices of Cricinfo to meet my friend who works there. The commentary was of very high quality as one could visualise the proceedings at the middle. Went for a nap during the Aussie innings as I didn’t have the heart to follow Gilchrist & Hayden go hammer and tongs against Khan & Agarkar. The match turned the other way is a different story, though.

It is almost four years since I watched a cricket match in the telly and during these tough times (?!) Cricinfo has been my saviour. About two years back, when Cricinfo were facing huge financial losses, they were contemplating making the ball-by-ball commentary a paid service. Thank goodness, better sense prevailed. Needless to say, how I miss the fun of watching the match in the living room television.

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