Hello to a Paki

Just got to know from the web stats that someone from Pakistan has visited my site recently. Don’t know what he/she came looking for and how that person landed here. Just in case if he manages to reach these pages again, here is my Hello to him!

Would AIDS attack Pulli Raja?

This was the question that sent most in Tamil Nadu tizzy over the last few weeks. The above words in Tamil (“Pulli Raja ku AIDS varuma?”) were the initial teaser in an AIDS awareness campaign launched across TN that appeared in satellite channels, advertisement hoardings etc. Since the ad didn’t contain any message or anything else, it naturally aroused the curiosity of all and sundry – exactly as the advertiser wanted it to be. Blogworld also discussed the above – here, here & elsewhere.

I don’t know whether the said advert has gone to the next stage in the media but Pulli Raja has caught everyone’s fancy, as lot of funny incidents over this have got reported.

– A schoolboy got thrashed by his teacher for raising the above question in the classroom. Later it emerged that of late whenever a teacher encourages the class to raise doubts, naughty pupils ask this question and this has happened at many places in the state.

– There are reports of anonymous phone calls during unearthly hours with the caller asking the above question (Is this part of the ad campaign too? 🙂

To top it all, this question appears beside someone’s name in the Yahoo messenger as he has set his status so. I have hid his name to guard his privacy. Have a look! He is in dire need of an answer, it seems. Looks like this has been one of the successful curiosity-stirring campaigns in the recent memory. Whether it has reached the intended audience or not remains to be seen.

Daylight Saving Time

Three years back, I had a tough time explaining my folks at home about the Daylight Saving Time and the change in time difference. Many thought I am just joking that we would have to manually set our clocks an hour late in October and reverse the process in March. I really, really cherish that one ‘extra’ hour of sleep on that October morning, knowing too well that I would miss it the same way in March.


Followed the fantastic ball-by-ball commentary of the Indian innings at Gwalior against Aussies in Wisden Cricinfo. I have met the commentator Anand Vasu few years back when I visited the offices of Cricinfo to meet my friend who works there. The commentary was of very high quality as one could visualise the proceedings at the middle. Went for a nap during the Aussie innings as I didn’t have the heart to follow Gilchrist & Hayden go hammer and tongs against Khan & Agarkar. The match turned the other way is a different story, though.

It is almost four years since I watched a cricket match in the telly and during these tough times (?!) Cricinfo has been my saviour. About two years back, when Cricinfo were facing huge financial losses, they were contemplating making the ball-by-ball commentary a paid service. Thank goodness, better sense prevailed. Needless to say, how I miss the fun of watching the match in the living room television.


Less than 48 hours left to complete my assignment on Quality Management and here I am without even the basic preparations. If I have to stay on track and ensure that I don’t attract my tutor’s ire, I got to get into business NOW! Why do I always leave things until the last minute? Not a Quality practice.. right?

PS: This is my first post during a weekend after a long, long time. It doesn’t mean anything to you, but to me, it means that now I have got a PC up & running at home connected to the wired world.

Happy Diwali folks! Freak out & have fun!!

Bharathgreetings.com seems to have captured the imagination of many as more than 80% of the e-greetings I got were from that site. I have never heard of it before. Though its nice to get a wish from any one on a special day, I am not a fan of e-greetings. Most of those chaps sell out our e-mail IDs leaving us to clear piles of e-junk.

Fever & Spice

It was a typical English weather the day before. Clear skies in the morning and heavy rains at noon. Got drenched in the rain and caught up with cold & fever. Ever tried spicy food when you have fever? I would long for fever just for that. Still down but enjoying! 🙂

I was rejoicing at the thought that I could sit back at home & have fun on Diwali day since it falls during the weekend (the calendar said so!) unlike the last three years. Only yesterday I got to know from my folks that Friday is the D-day. Despite this one being our ‘Thalai Deepavali’ (the first Diwali after wedding), unfortunately its gonna be yet another day for us.