Whey hey… my comments links are up after 3 days, just when I was thinking about switching to something more stable. The only hitch in that attempt is, I would be losing all the comments for my previous entries, which I don’t want to. Should there be a way to port comments, hmmmm…… the wish list is endless.

Calling Java programmers

Contract Opportunities exists for Java programmers with knowledge of Java Servlet technology, UML, Software Architecture Design patterns, Web services technology (WSDL,XML,SOAP), SAX, DOM and Web services deployment on IBM Websphere and Apache Tomcat. If you feel right person for this, please send your resume to ganeshgsx@yahoo.com.

Missing Mars

Here, there, where, everywhere… I was looking at the sky in all the directions every few minutes yesterday attempting to see Mars with the naked eye. All I managed was to see was the one pictured here. No probs anyway, there is always a next time, though the next time is 60,000 years away.

Worming in

Courtesy Sobig worm which seems to have taken a new avtar, my Yahoo! Inbox is filled up with e-mails with ‘untouchable’ attachments. I am deleting about 40-50 mails every hour. Good that Yahoo! diverts them all to the Bulk mail folder. Thought the worm has died but it seems its getting more active now.

Mumbai Blasts

How many, how many times this is gonna happen and what are we gonna do? Heart bleeds for Mumbaikars!

BBC reported that in view of the thaw in relations with Pakistan, Indian government appreciably has avoided any statement from official sources blaming Pakistan for the blasts. I hate this restraint rubbish. If the relations were not as good as it is now, Indian government would see Pakistani hand even in a bicycle accident. It stinks!!

Monday is a Bank holiday in UK and hence it is a three day weekend. With pages of assignments to write for the B-School, this long weekend is no fun. Already I have a stiff neck as a result of continuous writing for 9 hours yesterday. Need to go for a walk and relax a bit before sitting down for the next marathon.

Ever licked a stamp to paste it?

Few years back, I saw a TV programme that showed the unimaginable, filthy places a stamp would pass through before reaching the post office counter for sale. Though I never used to lick a stamp for pasting it, I made sure that I never did that until yesterday. Having bought the required postage at the Post Office last afternoon, I couldn’t find any glue or wet sponge nearby. Because of the urgency of the letter in hand, I had to, after lot of hesitation lick the stamp to paste it.

I know that its just a small thing. But ever since I did that, I am keeping my fingers crossed wondering about the after effects of that grand ‘lick’. One immediate effect I noticed is that, the high temperatures I was running yesterday has subsidised and it looks like I have got back to normal. 🙂

MS Technology skill set required at CTS

CTS, Chennai is in the process of recruiting candidates with the below skills..

1. VB, ASP, Oracle or MS SQL

2. VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, COM+, C# with good database exposure

If you have an experience of 3 years supported by good academic accomplishments, send your resume to CTS (email: careers@chn.cognizant.com).

After a long, long time, I have fallen sick. I had high temperature last night and the Paracetamol I took at 2 AM did a reasonably good job until dawn before the fever returned to haunt me again. Despite the bright & sunny weather, I am shivering with the air conditioner doing its bit to increase my agony. Unfortunate thing in this is that I am not in a position to take a day off from work and more unfortunate thing is that my wife has also entered the race as she is having fever on and off.

Only yesterday, Kiruba had blogged that they are having an Intra Family Fever Competition. Ohh… What a surprising coincidence this!